This is the tennis autographs page. Here you will find signed photos, signed index cards, signed magazine pages.
Wimbledon, Roger Federer,Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Venus Williams.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories. Scans and Certificates of Authenticity available on request.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length,   H/L = half length
m = mounted, ie signature with separate photo mounted above

Name Description Price Ref
ALEKSANDRA WOZNIAK c3.5×2.5 Canadian player signed in black marker on a trading card. Nice bright item £8 JK
ANDY RODDICK c6x4 action shot signed in blue marker at Queens 2007 tennis £14 JK
ANKE HUBER c6x4 on a Essence promo showing her in track suit chest upward with smaller shot of her in action £5 JK
ANNABEL CROFT Signed Card Famous English tennis player £2 RT
ANNABEL CROFT 6×4, H/L, COL British tennis player. Now TV commentator £4 RT
ANNE JONES 4 in stock, on card £8 JK
ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARIO 6×4, F/L, B/W Promo card signed by Vicario £4 RT
ARANTXA SANCHEZ VICARO Plain white card signed by the famous tennis player £4 RT
ARANTXA VICARIO c6x4 waist upwards, fist clenched in triumph £8 JK
BARBARA RITTNER c6x4 German who has played Wimbledon, knees upward on court, signed in black marker £8 JK
BARBARA SCHETT c6x4 close up of face on a company promo shot, marker pen signature £6 JK
BARBARA SCHETT c6x4 shown on court in 3 blended images for a company promo, signed in black marker £6 JK
BARBARA SCHETT 5 in stock, on card £5 JK
BILLIE JEAN KING 10×8, F/L, B/W Won Wimbledon a total of 6 times £35 RT
BORIS BECKER c10x8 action shot on court signed in black marker. £22 JK
CHRIS EVERT 10×8, F/L, COL Famous tennis players. Won Wimbledon on a number of occasions £33 RT
CLAUDIA PORWIK c6x4 in kit poised for play, black marker signature on a Reebok promo £6 JK
CONCHITA MARTINEZ 1 in stock, on card £5 JK
DOMINIQUE VAN ROOST 2 in stock on card £5 JK
EVA PFAFF bw6x4 action shot signed in black marker on on a promo with 2 ads on £5 JK
GREG RUDSEDSKI 6×4, H/L, COL Donnay promo card £6 RT
GREG RUSEDSKI 5 in stock, on card £5 JK
IAN FLANAGAN 1 in stock on white card £4 JK
IVAN LENDEL 8×3 COL Nice signature on white card next to a small colour photo £7 RT
JASMINE WOEHR c6x4 four seperate images on the item all non tennis and signed in black marker by the WTA player £6 JK
JIRA NOVAK on paper, 1 in stock, on card £3 JK
JO DURIE bw4x4 chest upward in action signed in black marker £4 JK
JO DURIE bw5x4, chest upward taking a swing, black marker signature £4 JK
JOHN NEWCOMBE Signed Leaflet Famous Australian tennis player £7 RT
JOSH COHEN bw6x4 US tennis player, shown casual chest upward, signed mostly over dark area £5 JK
JOSH GOODALL 1 in stock on white card £4 JK
JUSTIN GIMELSTOB 2 in stock. US tennis player £5 JK
MAGNUS GUSTAFSSON 6×4, H/L, COL Swedish tennis player £5 RT
MARC KEVIN GOELLNER c6x4 Swiss player shown waist upward on court, black marker signature £8 JK
MARCOS BAGHDATIS POSTER flatpacked c23x16 mouth open fist clenched action shot on a promo. Australian Open finalist 2006 signed in black marker. Item has some indent marks and slight surface bends. £14 JK
MARTINA HINGIS 10×8, F/L, COL Nice action shot of one of the world’s best women tennis players £33 RT
MEGHANN SHAUGHNSSEY bw10x8 shown on court during a match £12 JK
MICHAEL STICH Signed Card German tennis star £3 RT
MICHAEL STICH 6×4, F/L, COL German tennis star £6 RT
MONICA SELLES 1 in stock, on card £10 JK
NATASHA ZVEREVA 1 in stock, on card £5 JK
NEALE FRASER bw7x5 posed shot chest upward in later years of the Australian player, holding racket £10 JK
NICOLAS KIEFER c6x4 shown in action on a sportswear promo with surface bending £3 JK
NICOLAS LAPENTTI 1 in stock on white card £5 JK
RAINER SCHUTTLER c6x4 waist upward action shot, played at wimbledon 2003 £6 JK
STEFFI GRAFF MOUNT Photo showing Steffi running on a beach with signed card £17 RT
SUE BARKER 6×4, F/L, COL Now TV commentator and game show host £4 RT
SUE BARKER Signed Card Ex tennis player now TV presenter £3 RT
SYBILLE BAMMER c6x4 action shot on a promo, signed in black marker. Austrian player £6 JK
TIM HENMAN 3 in stock, on card £15 JK
TRACY AUSTIN c11x8 full length action shot on court, bold black marker signature. Some graining to item. £12 JK
TRACY AUSTIN c11.5×8 action shot knees upward, good bold black marker signature. Slight grain to item. £14 JK
TRACY AUSTIN 10×8, F/L, B/W Nice action shot of Austin £20 RT
VIRGINIA WADE 3 in stock, on card £10 JK
WAYNE FERREIRA c6x4 on a Dunlop promo showing two images of him, head & shoulders and in action £8 JK
YANA NOVOTNA 1 in stock, on card £8 JK