Susanna Reid has been disheartened to find out fans have failed to sell autographs she has signed as they have not even reached £1 when sold online.

The 49-year-old Good Morning host has become a household name after more than 20 years reading the news.

Whilst her face might be recognisable, her name is worth only pennies as she discovered the embarrassingly low price her signed photos sell for online.

Susanna Reid decided to do some research about herself after discovering some stars – such as The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley – have been making good cash in lockdown by selling personalised videos of themselves to fans via Cameo website.

Writing in the Daily Mail, she explained that “James Buckley, has raked in £100,000.

James points out that TV personalities can get hundreds of requests for personalised messages that they would normally ignore and not take any notice of.

Susanna then decided to check how much she is worth herself.

She said that she wouldn’t charge for a video or indeed an autograph, even though collectors sell them on auction sites.

She looked up how much a signed photo of herself goes for: 99p.