This is the Star Wars and Star Trek autographs page where you will find most of the actors depicted as their Star Wars and Star Trek characters.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories. Scans and Certificates of Authenticity available on request.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length,   H/L = half length

m = mounted, ie signature with separate photo mounted above


Name Description Price Ref
ALEC GUINNESS Signed Card Card signed by the star of many films. Also famous for playing Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars films £30 RT
BILL BLAIR c10x8 as the Vulcan Monk in the STAR TREK Enterprise episode titled The Andorian Incident, signed in green marker £16 JK
CAROLINE BLAKESTON Signed Card Played Mom Mothma in Star Wars £12 RT
CAROLINE BLAKISTON c15x10m in character as Mon Mothma, bold sigature on white card £18 JK
CHRISTIAN SIMPSON c10x8 Stand in for Hayden Christianson in Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith. Signed in silver marker on a Star wars film still £12 JK
DENISE CROSBY c10x8 chest upward as Tasha Yar in Star Trek, not in standard uniform. Signed in silver marker, photo a little grainy. £14 JK
ETHAN PHILLIPS c10x8 superb full length image as Neelix from Star Trek, signed in marker pen. £22 JK
EWAN McGREGOR bw7x5 close up of face with long hair and beard. autograph in white margin in black marker. Star Wars, Trainspotting £16 JK
GUNNAR HANSON bw15x10m a collage of images from the film, Star Wars, with cast/credit list on, his image not shown £16 JK
TERENCE STAMP bw6x4 head & shoulders. Played Chancellor Valorum. Photo made to look like a postage stamp £6 JK
TERENCE STAMP bw5x4 head & shoulders. Played Chancellor Valorum. Photo made to look like a stamp £6 JK
TOM MANNION theatre ad. for ‘Art’, West End play, shaped like a tube of oil paint. Was Star Destroyer Captain 2 in ROTJ Radio Dramas £2 JK
WALLY WINGERT c10x8d US voice over artist, singer, songwriter, comediam impersonator. Shown with inset pictures of his numerous voice over characters inc.Scooby Doo 2, The Jetsons,Star Trek £10 JK