Here we have mainly British and American pop and rock singers and bands plus some artists from other countries. Country and western, Irish music, Britpop, Heavy Metal, Progressive, Rap, Hip Hop etc. Also on this page are classical musicians, opera and ballet. Signed photos, autographed album pages and signatures on plain card.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories. Scans and Certificates of Authenticity available on request.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length, H/L = half length
m = mounted, ie signature with separate photo mounted above

Name Description Price Ref
ACKER BILK Signed Card Jazz musician £4 RT
ACKER BILK P/C, H/L, B/W Jazz musician. Dedicated £3 RT
ALEX LESTER c6x4 waist upward casual shot of the DJ on a radio 2 promo, signed in pen £5 JK
ANDREW WATKINSON bw8x6 VIOLIN, head & shoulders of the violinist with the Royal London Sinfonia. £5 JK
ANDREW WILDE bw10x8d PIANIST, waist upward smiling shot of the pianist. £8 JK
ANDY BELL OASIS 1 in stock, plain card £8 JK
ANDY PRIOR Colour concert leaflet BBC Orchestra leader £1 JK
ANDY WILLIAMS c10x8 DECEASED seated relaxed casual shot in sweater, later years image, nicely signed in silver marker. £20 JK
ANTHONY NEWLEY DECEASED bw7x5d head & shoulders, hands up to chin, signed in bottom margin £10 JK
ANTON WEINBERG CLARINET, On the front of a self printed Worksop College programme early 90s. £5 JK
AUDIOWEB bw10x8 urban setting, waist upward, three signatures all in black marker £18 JK
BACHELORS album page signed by Con 1963. On reverse Alan Blakley The Tremeloes £5 JK
BARRON KNIGHTS bw5.5×3.5d – original 60s photo with one signature on the front and four on the reverse. £12 JK
BARRON KNIGHTS c10x8 signed by all 5 in the current line up £10 JK
BARRON KNIGHTS bw6x4 signed by all 5 in the current line up £8 JK
BEAT THE BONE sepia style 11×8 US band signed by all three in black and blue ink £15 JK
BERT WEEDON Signed Card Famous guitartist. Dedicated £2 RT
BERT WEEDON DECEASED 2 in stock on card, signed 2010. One card has an electric guitar printed on, the other card an outline of two acoustic guitars printed on. £8 JK
BILL KENNY bw3.25×2.5d shown chest upward in dinner jacket, signed with first name by the Inkspot on this vintage photo £10 JK
BJORN ULVAEUS Signed card – member of the Swedish super group ABBA £10 RT
BLUE c16x12 a centrefold showing a posed shot of the boy band, all have autographed in black marker, some over a dark area. Good memorabilia £45 JK
BLUES BAND c8x6 led by Paul Jones, showing and signed by all 5, some smudging to one of signatures, posed shot £12 JK
BOB GELDOF 1 in stock, signed in black marker on thick card £8 JK
BRIAN POOLE on a London Palladium concert ticket dated 1999 in black marker pen £6 JK
BRUNO BROOKES c6x4 head & shoulders on a coloufull BBC Discline promo, signed in blue marker £5 JK
BUDDY CURTESS and the GRASSHOPPERS bw10x8 9 piece teenage band in suits, reminds us of Madness, signed by all, possibly the 80s £10 JK
CAEDMON’S CALL c10x8 American folk pop band. Nice image and signed by six in black marker pen £14 JK
CAPITAL RADIO c7x4 various DJs from the station, please ask. Each £3 JK
CHAOS bw10x8 schoolboy black boy band showing all 5 leaping and signed by all £16 JK
CHARLES AZNAVOUR c6x4d waist upward with bow tie hanging loose £3 JK
CHARLES SMITTON Cinema organist and radio presenter, 1 in stock £5 JK
CHARLIE DANIELS bw10x8 waist upward of the top US country & western singer signed in black marker £12 JK
CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGH hand written letter £2 JK
CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGH 7x5d country & western £3 JK
CHEAP SEATS bw11x8 showing the 2 with partially shaded faces, both signed in silver marker £12 JK
CHRIS DE BURGH c6x4d shown chest upward with guitar, signed in black marker. £5 JK
CHRIS MOYLES c6x4 close up of face at the microphone, signed on the reverse on a radio 1 promo £2 JK
CHRIS TARRANT Capital FM headed letter short typed signed in full note £2 JK
CHRIS TARRANT c6x4 on a Capital Radio promo signed in black marker £5 JK
CHUCK GIRARD bw10x8 USA CCM singer, religious orientated £5 JK
CLAYTON peg leg BATES bw10x8d full length shot of the one legged tap dancer signed in 1937. International star of his time. No creasing but some of the photo has worn away. Signature is fine. £18 JK
CLEO LAINE & JOHN DANKWORTH c10x8 both shown waist upward and both signed in marker pen. Jazz £18 JK
CLEO LAINE & JOHNNY DANKWORTH 1 in stock, on card £10 JK
CLIFF BENNETT c10x8 shown with his Rebel Rousers 2002, his signature only £12 JK
COLIN BLUNSTONE bw10x8 current image, close up of face. 60s singer with The Zombies £8 JK
COLIN HANTON 7×5 2007 image at the drums. John Lennon original drummer for his Quarrymen band. Signed in black marker £10 JK
CURTIS STIGERS bw10x8 chest upward in black top, signed in botom margin, couple of surface bends, not creases, £12 JK
DAI-CHI CHUI PIANIST, Signed and dedicated by the pianist on the front of a small Worksop College programme in the early 90s £5 JK
DAMAGE c10x8 signed by all 5 in orange marker over dark clothes £15 JK
DARK STAR bw7x5 all 3 shown full length, all signed in black marker, formed in 1999 £12 JK
DARRIN ALLEN c7x4.5 US Country singer shown with bales of hay, signed in black marker £6 JK
DAVE BERRY c10x8 with the Cruisers, current shot £8 JK
DAVE SOMERVILLE 1 in stock. Singer from the 1950s with the US rock band The Diamonds £5 JK
DAVID ESSEX 6×4, H/S, B/W Nice portrait shot of the popular singer £9 RT
DAVID ESSEX Signed Card Popular singer £7 RT
DAVID HAMILTON P/C, H/S, B/W Radio DJ. Radio 2 promo card £3 RT
DAVID POMERANZ bw10x8d US singer songwriter, head & shoulders signed in black marker. Written for top artists, Leo sayer, Cliff Richard,Freddie Mercury,Kenny Rogers £10 JK
DEEP PURPLE 8×6 concert flyer for Cyprus gig, signed by all 5 in black marker of the 2007 line up. Paice Gillan Airey Glover Morse £30 JK
DEEP RED bw10x8 Miami based Gothic band. Posed shot clearly signed by all 3 £10 JK
DENIS MALINKINE BALLET, 1 in stock on card £4 JK
DENIS MATTHEWS on paper, 1 in stock £4 JK
DENNIS LOTIS bw6x4 head & shoulders, current shot. 50s & 60s singer £4 JK
DENNIS LOTIS on paper, 1 in stock £3 JK
DEREK & ELLEN JAMESON c6x4 Both shown on Radio 2 promo shot. Both have signed. £5 JK
DEREK JAMESON c6x4 signed on a Radio 2 promo shot £4 JK
DICKIE VALENTINE c13x10m DECEASED blue pen signature mounted with the cover of one of his music sheets showing him £23 JK
DICKIE VALENTINE on paper, 1 in stock £12 JK
DICKIE VALENTINE 1 in stock £12 JK
DISTORTED PENGUINS c11x8 US rock band shown in a line, exterior shot. All signed in black and silver marker, nice item £15 JK
DOMINIC KIRWAN concert flyer nicely signed £3 JK
DON GIBSON bw10x8 USA country western singer. Close up of face £9 JK
DON MACLEAN c6x4 on a radio 2 promo. Comedian on stage and TV £4 JK
DON MACLEAN radio presenter, 2 in stock on card £5 JK
DON MCLEAN American Pie, 4 in stock on card £12 JK
DOVES c6x3 newspaper pic., chest upward and signed by all 3 £10 JK
DR FEELGOOD 8×6 nice shot performong on stage, signed in silver marker by all £12 JK
Dr MARK & LETITIA bw6x4 Radio 1 promo picturing them both, both signed in black pen £6 JK
DUNCAN JAMES c10x5 Glossy image shown full length of the Blue singer. Signed in black marker. Item cut from a promo poster & image may be part of a CD insert. £6 JK
ED STEWART DECEASED radio DJ, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
EDDIE FISHER 10×8, H/S, COL Nice photo of a painting of Fisher with good signature. £9 RT
EDEN KANE bw10x8 current shot, head & shoulders, of the pop singer of the early 60s £8 JK
EDWIN STARR £x5, H/S, B/W Soul singer. Unfortunately photo has been folded £4 RT
ELLIS MARSALIS Jnr bw10x8 chest upward in suit, the premier modern jazz pianist from New Orleans, has added Happy New Year to black marker signature. £14 JK
EMILE FORD c11x8 full length shot in 70s style catsuit, open chest, flairs, signed in black marker on a thin photo £10 JK
EMILE FORD bw11x8 chest upward smiling to camera signed in black marker on a thin photo, album promo on reverse £8 JK
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK Signed Card Grannies favourite singer. Has been dedicated £4 RT
ERASURE on the front sleeve of the vinyl single for Chains Of Love, signed in black marker by Vince Clarke and Andy Bell. £22 JK
ERIC CLAPTON 10×8 – we have both colour and black and white photos available of Clapton. Difficult to get hold of now. 65 RT
ERIC RUSKE c10x8 FRENCH HORN, chest upward with his French Horn, signed in bottom margin. £10 JK
FORTUNES bw6x4 showing all four in later years on a Live In Concert promo, all signed on reverse. £8 JK
FORTUNES c6x4 later years image signed on reverse by all 4 £8 JK
GARY GLITTER P/C, H/L, B/W Disgraced glam rocker £9 RT
GARY US BONDS bw10x8 Head & shoulders portrait shot smiling to camera, signed in black marker. £8 JK
GEORGE MARTIN Signed Card Beatles record producer. Dedicated £20 RT
GEORGE MARTIN £10×8, COL Photo of The Beatles in concert. Also one of Abbey Road crossing. Signed by Martin £29 RT
GEORGE MELLY Signed Card Jazz musician. Dedicated £2 RT
GEORGIE FAME Signed Card Singer £3 RT
GEORGIE FAME bw8x5.5 current shot, close up of face at the mike, signed in blue pen. Yeh Yeh £8 JK
GEORGIE FAME bw6x4 head & shoulders 70s image signed in blue pen £5 JK
GERALDO bw5.5×3.5 chest upward on an original His masters Voice promo, signed in ink mostly over a dark area £10 JK
GERALDO on paper, 1 in stock £5 JK
GLEN CAMPBELL Signed Card Rhinestone cowboy. Country and Western singer £9 RT
GLEN CAMPBELL bw10x8d A 1970s image and signature signed at the Club Fiesta Sheffield. Slight tear top corner £10 JK
GORDON GILTRAP bw8x6 concert flyer for Margate gig. Small inset picture of him, signed in red over light area £12 JK
GORDON HASKELL bw8x6 chest upward one hand up to chin, signed in bottom margin £10 JK
GORDON HASKELL bw7x5 DECEASED. chest upward wearing a hat. Profile image signed in biro. £12 JK
GORDON KENNEDY 2 in stock on card £4 JK
GOTZ ALSMANN c6x4 waist upward of the German musician and TV artist, signed in black marker £5 JK
GRUMBLEWEEDS dedicated, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
GUARNERI TRIO PRAGUE bw7x5 CLASSICAL, posed shot holding their instruments. Signatures on one plain white card. £4 JK
GUARNERI TRIO PRAGUE 7×5 CLASSICAL, showing all three in concert, signatures on one plain white card. £5 JK
HARRY RABINOWITZ Signed Card Conductor £4 RT
HARRY SECOMBE c10x8 nice shot chest upward in casual clothes, hand up to chin £30 JK
HENRY ROLLINS 1 in stock on card £6 JK
HOWIE DAY CD INSERT US singer songwriter worked in UK studios, signed on the front cover of Stop All The World Now in black marker £8 JK
IAN FOUNTAIN PIANIST, Signed on the back of a small programme at a concert at Worksop College by the pianist, probably early 90s £5 JK
IAN HUNTER c6x4 formerly with Mott The Hoople, head shot on a promo for a gig £5 JK
IAN HUNTER 1 in stock on card £5 JK
IVY LEAGUE c6x4 head & shoulders of current 3, all signed £6 JK
IVY LEAGUE c10x8 posed shot of current line up, with guitars at the side of them, nice item £14 JK
JACK JACKSON bw5x3.5d chest upward on a 1930/40s photo and signature, which is mostly over a dark area £7 JK
JACK JONES bw10x8d on stage shot from the 1970s with a 70s signature in pen obtained at the Club Fiesta Sheffield £10 JK
JAMES APOLLO bw10x8d US singer, velvet & gravel, roots and rock £8 JK
JAMES LOUGHRAN 1 in stock on card £3 JK
JAPP VAN ZWEDEN 1 in stock on card £3 JK
JEFF FOXWORTHY c6x4 US comedian whose act is based on country music. Has made several best sellers on US country charts with comedy songs especially about rednecks. Own NBC TV show. £3 JK
JEFF FOXWORTHY bw10x8 US comedian whose act is based on country music. Has made several best sellers on US country charts with comedy songs especially about rednecks. Own NBC TV show. Nice shot £6 JK
JERRY HERMAN Signed card – He is the lyricist and composer behind such blockbuster musicals as Mame, Hello Dolly, La Cage aux Folles, Mack and Mabel, and Milk and Honey. £11 RT
JESS CONRAD 1 in stock on card, Rock & Roll £2 JK
JESS CONRAD 1 in stock, on card, vertical crease on each £2 JK
JET HARRIS c10x8 DECEASED current image of the ex Shadows bass player, waist upward casually holding guitar. Apache and hits with Tony Meehan. Signed in gold marker £26 JK
JIMI HENDRIX c9.5×9.5m A superb unsigned magazine picture showing him on stage at his last Albert Hall concert 1969. Mounted with bevelled window into black mount board. Lovely item £10 JK
JIMMY LUNDY Deep River Boys, on reverse is possibly Tony Dalli, 1 in stock £7 JK
JOE LOSS signed in 1940, 1 in stock £8 JK
JOE LOSS 1 in stock on small card £5 JK
JOHN BRIGGS 8×6 PIANIST, a concert flyer for the Mencap Society 1998 showing him and Jeremy Beadle. £1 JK
JOHN BRIGGS bw8x6 PIANIST, a greeting style card commemorating his Grand Canyon concert, sletch shows a piano being transported by helicopter. £3 JK
JOHN LEYTON c6x4d later years shot at the microphone signed in blue pen. Johhny Remember Me, Wild Wind. £4 JK
JOHN MANN ORGANIST, c10x8 posed shot facing the camera and seated at an organ, signed in pen, some creasing £2 JK
JOHN MELLENCAMP 10×8, H/L, B/W Famous American rocker. Has been dedicated ‘To Johnny’ 12 RT
JOHN SEBASTIAN bw11x8d current waist upward image with guitar of the ex Lovin’Spoonful singer, black marker signature £12 JK
JOHN TESH bw10x8 US recording artist, TV and radio host, head & shoulders, black marker signature £10 JK
JOHN WARWICK BBC radio singer, 1 in stock £5 JK
JOHNNY DANKWORTH BAND A concert programme for City Hall Newcastle around the late 50s, signed on the front recently by him over his image. On the back page are the signatures of two of his then band and recently by Cleo laine. £16 JK
JOHNNY TILLOTSON 2 in stock on card £5 JK
JON Bermuda SCHWARTZ 7x5d Drummer, shown on a Ludwig promo, Weird Al Yankovic Show, signed in black marker £5 JK
JONATHAN COPE BALLET, dedicated, 1 in stock on card £3 JK
JONATHAN COPE BALLET, 2 in stock on card £5 JK
JOOLS HOLLAND c10x8d a laser copy photo, exterior shot with piano out of focus and him stood behind, bold signature £8 JK
JOSE CURA OPERA, c10x8 on stage in character, black signature over dark area, also signed on reverse. £10 JK
JOSE FELICIANO 8x6d a concert leaflet for 2005 showing him playing guitar, venue dates on, signed in black marker £5 JK
JULIAN LLOYD WEBER Signed Card Cello player £4 RT
JULIUS LA ROSA c3.5×2.5 on a Hollywood collector style card. Radio & TV in 50s USA. Later became a DJ, signed in silver £5 JK
JUSTIN CD insert to Over You, signed at the side of his image in black marker £6 JK
KENNY LYNCH c10x8 head & shoulders hands clasped, slightly out of focus shot. 60s pop £10 JK
KEVIN EUBANKS bw10x8d shown with guitar and signed in marker. Leader of the band on the Jay Leno show £10 JK
KING BROTHERS & ROY CASTLE both on a page taken from a 1960 theatre programme. Signed over cast list. Mounted to 12×10 £20 JK
KLAUS WUNDERLICH Signed Card Organist. Has been dedicated £3 RT
LARD Radio 1 DJ, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
LEANNE BENJAMIN BALLET, 1 in stock, ballet, on card £3 JK
LEE LATCHFORD EVANS ex Steps, 2 in stock on card £6 JK
LEE RITENOUR bw10x8 head & shouldrs with guitar. US jazz/rock guitarist worked with G Harrison, W. Houston, K Moon £12 JK
LIBOR PESEK CONDUCTOR, 1 in stock on card £4 JK
LIONEL HAMPTON a UK tour brochure 1956 autographed on a full page picture of him inside. Also a full page picture signed by vocalist Elsie Smith, also the signatures of 7 band members inside. Jazz £145 JK
LUCIANO PAVAROTTI OPERA, Deceased – A 1966-7 La Scala Opera programme for Rigoletto in which he performed. There are many images inside and the text is in Italian. autograph in silver marker to an inside page some years after. Part of the Three Tenors £68 JK
LUDMILA MAGOMEDEVA OPERA, 2 in stock on card £4 JK
LUDMILA MAGOMEDOVA OPERA, Signature on plain white card + a leaflet showinh her image. £5 JK
M PEOPLE bw10x8 showing all 3 laughing and clearly signed by all in marker pen £20 JK
MALCOLM ARCHER 1 in stock on card, Cathedral organist £5 JK
MANFREDS c10x8 all 7 signatures of current line up. Originally the 60s Manfred Man. Signatures include Paul Jones and Mike D’Abo who replaced Jones in the 60s as lead singer. £14 JK
MANSUN c10x8 all 4 signatures in green, red, black marker, although the 2 black signatures are over a dark area £16 JK
MANTOVANI on paper, 1 in stock £16 JK
MARK ELDER CONDUCTOR, A first day cover 1980 for Music & Britsh Conductors, signed in pen. £12 JK
MARK ELDER CONDUCTOR, 2 in stock on card £5 JK
MARK GOODIER c6x4 on a radio 1 promo, signed on reverse £2 JK
MARK KING Level 42, 1 in stock on card £6 JK
MARK McGRATH c10x8 chest upward leather jacket. His band is SugarRay, also movie actor and presenter. Signature over dark area £14 JK
MARK SCOTT bw10x8 portrait shot of the drummer for US band Trixter, signed in black marker and dedicated to ‘K’ £10 JK
MARK SCOTT c10x8 drummer for the US band Trixter, colouful shot in action, dedicated to ‘K’ in black marker £12 JK
MARK SCOTT bw10x8 drummer for the US band Trixter, shown at his drums signed in black marker, dedicated to ‘K’ £10 JK
MARMALADE 8×6 nice posed shot of the 2002 line up, hits in the 60s £8 JK
MARMALADE dedicated, 1 in stock on card £6 JK
MARTIN KEMP 1 in stock on card £6 JK
MARTY WILDE c10x8 later years image in western shirt and acoustic guitar, signed in black marker, nice item. £10 JK
MAURICE WINNICK on paper, 1 in stock £5 JK
MICHAEL BALL 7x5d close up of smiling face, signed in black marker £5 JK
MICHAEL HOLLIDAY 1 in stock £12 JK
MICHEAL BALL 7×5, H/S, B/W Photo shows a very young looking Micheal Ball £9 RT
MIKE BERRY bw6x4d head & shoulders, moved to acting in the 70s, Are You Being Served? £5 JK
MIKE CLAXTON 1 in stock, album page £1 JK
MIKE D’ABO bw10x8 waist upward current image on a photocopy photo, actual signature in black marker, item has some bending but not creased £8 JK
MIKE SANCHEZ 3 in stock on card £5 JK
MIKE SARNE 2 in stock on card 60s pop singer ‘Come Outside’ £5 JK
NEIL SEDAKA bw10x8 Portrait shot in later years, Oh Carol + many more hits £11 JK
NEVILLE CREED CONDUCTOR, On a headed personal card with a few hand written lines in black pen. £1 JK
NEVILLE CREED CONDUCTOR, 8×6 on the front of a Last Night of the Proms flyer. £1 JK
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND c10x8 US Country Folk Rock band, signed by all 4 in black marker, later years images £14 JK
OLIVE bw10x8 posed shot by the duo, waist upward. Mid 90s era £12 JK
PAUL ANKA c10x8d chest upward casual shot of the singer songwriter, signed in blue marker £12 JK
PAUL CARRACK bw10x8 chest upward with guitar, shades and cap, signed in black marker £12 JK
PAUL GAMBACCINI Signed Card DJ and music critic. £3 RT
PAUL HARDCASTLE bw10x8 shown mixing chemicals with organs behind him, famous for ’19’. Signed in bottom margin. £18 JK
PAUL JONES c6x4 chest upward on a Radio 2 promo, signed in black marker. Ex 1960s Manfred Mann £5 JK
PAUL JONES c6x4 on a radio 2 promo, ex Manfred Mann £5 JK
PAUL JONES & DAVE KELLY bw10x8 of The Blues Band, slight crease £8 JK
PETER GABRIEL 6×4, H/S, B/W Genesis songwriter and singer £19 RT
PETR ALTRICHTER bw6.5×5 CONDUCTOR, 1999 signature when with the Royal Philharmonic, shown at a Liverpool waterside setting. £5 JK
PORTER WAGONER c10x8 DECEASED. Chest upward in colourful clothes. US county & western singer, Hall of Fame 2002. Signed in black marker. Plus an A4 info sheet. £15 JK
PRECIOUS CD cover for Say It Again, the UK’s 1999 Eurovision entry, showing and signed by all 5, some creasing £8 JK
PROCLAIMERS c11x8 waist upward casual shot and signed in black by both Charlie and Craig. Great photo and signatures £26 JK
RADNEY FOSTER bw10x8d US country & western singer, shown seated, guitar on table, signed in marker pen £10 JK
RAINHARD FENDRICH c6x4 Austrian singer, close up of face, signed in pen £5 JK
RAY QUINN c8x5 exterior shot head & shoulders signed in black marker. Runner up to Leona Lewis X Factor 2006 £10 JK
RAY QUINN c6x4 casual shot seated, signed in black marker. X Factor runner up to Leona Lewis in 2006. Dancing on Ice £8 JK
RAY STEVENS bw10x8 remember The Streak £9 JK
REAL THING signed by all, 1 in stock on card £8 JK
REEF a tour flyer for 2006 showing their images and dates, signed in black marker by Kenwyn only. £4 JK
REGINALD FOORT on paper, 1 in stock £6 JK
RICHARD DIGANCE P/C, H/L, B/W Guitarist and TV personality £3 RT
RICHARD DIGANCE Signed Card Folk singer and TV personality £3 RT
RICHARD STILGOE bw6x4 shown in front of a music score. Co writer of musicals £5 JK
RICHARD TRAVISS bw10x8d posed shot in white shirt, singer and night club owner £12 JK
RICK WAKEMAN 8×6 flyer for a concert in 2000. two images of him and signed in black marker. RICK WAKEMAN 8×6 flyer for a concert in 2000. two images of him and signed in black marker.
RICKY LEIGHTON c5x3.5 shown playing guitar, picture has a reddish brown hue £2 JK
ROBERTO BOLLE BALLET, 1 in stock, on card £6 JK
ROD ARGENT bw7.5×5.5 shown waist upward signed in black marker by the 70s supergroup leader of Argent. Current pose £8 JK
RON SEXSMITH bw10x8 USA singer described as having a bit of Jackson Brown and Ray Davies in his voice £8 JK
RONNIE SCOTT Signed Card Jazz musician £4 RT
ROY LOUGHLIN bw8x6 CLASSICAL, A concert leaflet for 1999 Opera Showcase signed in black pen. £1 JK
SACHA DISTEL DECEASED 1 in stock on card £10 JK
SAKARI ORAMO 2 in stock on card £3 JK
SAM COSTA bw3.5×3.5 early shot chest upward of the musician presenter £8 JK
SANDRO IVO BARTOLI PIANIST, bw11x8 chest upard windswept shot with his name and a quote underneath the image. £7 JK
SAWYER BROWN c10x8 nice shot of the US country band, signed by all 5 in black marker, mostly over dark area. £12 JK
SEAN MAGUIRE bw10x8 1997 shot in a dark setting, black marker signature over dark area £12 JK
SEARCHERS c10x8 posed shot showing and signed by current 4 £12 JK
SEARCHERS later years signatures by all 4 on plain card £8 JK
SERGE LAMA c6x4 french singer shown on stage, signed in white marker £5 JK
SHANE LYNCH 1 in stock on card, dedicated. Ex Boyzone £5 JK
SIMON RATTLE CONDUCTOR, 2 in stock on card £7 JK
SLAVA GRIGORYAN 8×6 CLASSICAL GUITAR, A concert flyer showing his image, signed in blue pen. £1 JK
SMASH MOUTH 8×6 US group signed by two on a promo for The Fonz song £6 JK
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP on paper signed in black marker by all 5 of the 2002 line up £10 JK
STEPHEN SONDHEIM Signed Card Songwriter. Has been dedicated £3 RT
STEVE HARLEY 1 in stock on card £5 JK
STEVE PENK c10x8 lovely shot of the DJ famous for a phone call to Tony Blair with the help of John Culshaw impersonating William Hague. Also a TV presenter £10 JK
STEVE RACE Signed Card British jazz musician £7 RT
STEVE RACE P/C, H/S, B/W British jazz musician 12 RT
STEVE WRIGHT c6x4 head & shoulders on a radio 2 promo, signed in blue £5 JK
SUPERNATURALS bw10x8 posed casual shot showing and signed by all 5 in a light area £21 JK
SYMPOSIUM c6x4 promo postcard for Average Man, their image not shown, 4 signatures in black marker £10 JK
TAMARA ROJO BALLE,T 1 in stock, on card on card £5 JK
TEDDY JOHNSON bw5x3d one half of Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, early shot at the mike with a music sheet, signed in blue ink £6 JK
TERRY DENE On headed notepaper and has been dedicatd. Dene. Late 50’s early 60’s rock and roller. £5 RT
TERRY LIGHTFOOT c10x8 DECEASED nice shot of the jazz musician with clarinet. Signature on a sticky label attached to photo £10 JK
THE SPINNERS 1 in stock, on paper, one fold, all have signed, dated 1989. On reverse Des O’Connor £6 JK
THE THREE BRITISH TENORS CLASSICAL TENORS, Dedicated tour leaflet for 1995 signed on the reverse by Morgan, Johnson & Courtice. £5 JK
THOMAS EDUR BALLET, 3 in stock on card £4 JK
THRILLS 7×5 outdoor shot of the 5 piece Irish band, all have signed in black marker pen. £12 JK
TIM HARRISON written note from the Steeleye Span guy. £1 JK
TIM RICE Signed Card Composer. Has been dedicated £3 RT
TOMMI signed CD cover by all 5 complete with CD called ‘Like What’ £8 JK
TOMMY STEELE c6x4 current image in jacket , signed in black marker £8 JK
TONY CHRISTIE P/C, H/L, B/W Singer. Has been dedicated £4 RT
TRAVIS c14x12m great stage shot performing, signed by all on mounted card £35 JK
TRAVIS signed by all, 2 in stock £15 JK
TREMELOES c5.5×4.5 current line up shot of the 60s/70s group. All 4 signatures on posed shot £6 JK
TROGGS c10x8 signed on reverse by all 4 of current line up inc. Reg Presley who wrote ‘ Love is All Around’, a huge hit for Wet, Wet, Wet a few years ago £8 JK
VINCE HILL P/C, H/S, B/W Granny’s favourite singer £4 RT
VINCE HILL c6x4 shown in later years in brown leather waist upward, signed in bottom margin. Edelweiss £3 JK
VITAMIN F bw8.5×5.5 US Metal group. Signed by all 3. Free fact sheet & stickers £5 JK
VLADIMIR MATORIN BOLSHOI BALLET, In black pen at the bottom of a letter originally sent to him. £3 JK
WATERBOYS c10x8 Photo of Mike Scott, on floor with guitar. Has a surface bend. £8 JK
WAYNE FONTANA & MINDBENDERS Deceased. A London Palladium Solid Silver 60s ticket 1995 signed on reverse by all £14 JK
WAYNE SLEEP bw5.5×3.5 BALLET, casual portrait shot signed in bottom margin. £5 JK
WEE GEORGIE WOOD on paper music hall signed in 1941 £7 JK
WEE WILLIE HARRIS 2 in stock, on card £5 JK
WESTLIFE – MARK 1 in stock, on card £8 JK
WILLIAM SOUTHGATE bw7x5 CONDUCTOR, looking at a music score, baton in hand, signed in white marker, item has some indents. £6 JK
WISHBONE ASH bw11x8 posed shot of the current line up famous in the 70s for the album Argus and twin lead guitars £16 JK
WORLDS APART bw10x8 manufactured boyband of the 90s, posed shot and signed by all 5 £18 JK