This page contains numerous categories of autographs including, Military, Authors, Film Directors, Politicians, Models and Glamour, Poker Players, explorers, Nobel prize winners and many other subjects.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories.

Scans and Certificates of Authenticity available on request.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length, H/L = half length

m = mounted, ie signature with separate photo mounted above


Name Description Price Ref
ALAN AYKBOURN PLAYWRITE, 2 in stock on card £6 JK
ALAN DERSHOWITZ 7×5 waist upward portrait shot of the author of Reversal of Fortune made into a top Hollywood film, signed in pen. £6 JK
ANNE CAMPBELL on a campaign leaflet for her re-election in Cambridge £2 JK
ANNE MARIE FOSS c6x6 laid on floor facing camera, signed in black marker £6 JK
ANTHONY BUCKERIDGE AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
ANTHONY HARVEY on bottom of letter sent to him. Fold mark through one word of inscription and just touching the ‘H’ in Harvey of his signature. He has commented at top of letter that he has no photos. £2 JK
ANTHONY THORNE AUTHOR b 1909 dedicated on card £5 JK
ARTHUR HILLER bw10x8d Plaza Suite, Love Story £9 JK
ARTHUR SHAWCROSS AMERICAN SERIAL KILLER died 2008. 13 victims mostly female including 2 children, raped & strangled & battered.2 small signatures each on the back of a white sticky label on the protective sheet. £18 JK
AUSTIN MITCHELL bw7x5 waist upward on the phone, tie undone, no jacket £7 JK
BAMBI LASHELL c10x8 US glamour model, shown in bikini, signed in black marker, gorgeous photo and image £12 JK
BARBARA MIKULSKI c10x8 US Senator for Maryland. Many political firsts during her career. Fact sheet included £10 JK
BARONESS JAY c10x8 full length posed shot in smart suit, nice portrait shot, signed in blue ink £12 JK
BEAU SMITH bw11x8 printed sketch of characters £10 JK
BEAU SMITH bw7x4 printed sketch, 1 character on £5 JK
BEN BRADSHAW 8×6 head & shoulders of the gay MP. Signed in blue ink £6 JK
BERTIE AHERN A4 glossy headed page, head & shoulders, signed in black pen. Republic of IrelandInfo on reverse. Some surface bending and creases. £5 JK
BETTY WILLIAMS 8×6 Peace activist in N Ireland during the 1970s, Nobel Peace prize winner 1976, chest upward at a microphone on a scanned photo somewhat pixelie £7 JK
BOB HEFT US FLAG DESIGNER, 3 in stock on card £6 JK
BOB HEFT A4 fact sheet designer of USA flag £5 JK
BRIAN MULRONEY bw10x8d chest upward in suit, ex Canadian Prime Minister, signed in black marker £8 JK
BRUCE KENT bw6x4 CND leader shown in a ban the Bomb.Signed on reverse £2 JK
CAPRICE 8x6d posed shot at an awards ceremony 1999, signed in black marker £8 JK
CAROLINE BOYER bw7x5 seated in t shirt, on a matt paper picture signed in black marker. US businesswoman £5 JK
CATHERINE COULTER 7×5 chest upward in black leather type coat, signed in bottom border £6 JK
CHRISTINA CRUSE c6x4 Model, showing head only, laid down with long blonde hair. Signed in blue marker £4 JK
CLAIRE SHORT c6x4 wiast upward casual seat leaning on a desk £5 JK
CLAIRE SHORT POLITICS, 2 in stock on card £5 JK
CRAIG SIANA c10x8 chest upward lovely image of the actress, model and jewellery designer. Signed in red marker £10 JK
CYNDY VIOLETTE c10x8d US professional poker player. Shown in jeans and t-shirt on a beach, signed in black marker £10 JK
DANIEL HAYES bw7x5 US author for young adults mystery novels. has won awards for his work £5 JK
DANNY WILLIAMS c11x8 waist upward pose of the Premier of Newfoundland, also a letter from his PA confirming autograph. £10 JK
DAVID BALDACCI bw7x5 young author of The Winner, Absolute Power, both made into films. £8 JK
DAVID PRIOR 7×5 MP for North Norfolk, signed on reverse £2 JK
DAVID STEEL 8×6 shown seated at a desk, nice shot, signed in blue pen £10 JK
DAVID SUZUKI c11x8 – nice beach shot of the US environmentalist, signed in black pen, some damage to item. £5 JK
DAVID TRIMBLE 8×6 shown at his desk with signature in light area £10 JK
DAVID WILLIAMS c10x8 professional poker player. Shown overlooking a residential valley, nice shot signed in black marker £10 JK
DON HANSON WING. COMM. A first day style cover envelope 1972 depicting an Airspeed Horsa Arnhem 1944. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Royal Flying Corps. Flown to Biggin Hill in a Blanik glider. Signed in black pen. £6 JK
DOUGLAS HURD POLITICS, 1 in stock on card £6 JK
DUKE OF NORFOLK Autographed Editions first day cover, not stamped, showing his crest and signed as Norfolk £8 JK
EDMUND HILLARY DECEASED c8x8.5 Picture of Everest downloaded from the internet, a little linear, signed by hand in silver marker. £22 JK
EDMUND HILLARY DECEASED 11×8 sketch image of his face downloaded from the internet, all of the image has a light green hue, signed by hand in black marker. £24 JK
EDMUND HILLARY DECEASED bw11x8 showing him and Tenzing chest upward in climbing gear, image downloaded from the internet, somewhat pixely, signed by hand in black marker. £24 JK
ELLEN SHREIBER 7x5d Childrens horror story writer, shown here with some of her books £5 JK
EVE POLLARD A4 plain paper with colour laser copy photo in centre 4.5×4.5 Signed ‘Eve’ on white by the columnist and TV personality £2 JK
EZRA BUZZINGTON c10x8d head & shoulders signed in black marker. Wrote Wars Of The Roses, The Hills have Eyes, Fight Club. £10 JK
FRANK ABAGNALE bw10x8d the real Catch Me If You Can guy as portrayed by Leo Di Caprio. Shown as a pilot on a quiz show £18 JK
FREDERICK FORSYTH AUTHOR, 2 in stock on card £6 JK
GAIL SANEZ c11x8d superb glossy photo of the US fitness model, shown in red bikini and has added a lengthy Bible quote to signature in silver marker £10 JK
GEORGE JEAN CRAIGHEAD c8x5 author of Julie, Julie Of The Wolves, paper picture signed in black £5 JK
GODFREY WYNN AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £8 JK
HAMMOND INNES AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £10 JK
HARTHUR HAILEY AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £6 JK
HARTLEY & STUDDARD A first day style cover envelope depicting Paul Millett OBE with a Jersey stamp 1984. Flown from Warton Airfield in a Tornado and signed by pilot K Hartley and navigator J Studdard £12 JK
HEINZ FISCHER c6x4 chest upward portrait shot of the President of Austria, signed in silver marker £5 JK
HELEN SHARMAN ASTRONAUT, Britains first, signed on reverse of photo, 1 in stock on card £10 JK
HOLLY MCGUIRE 8×6 front cover of a mag which has been cut down, bra top and pants, signed in black marker £6 JK
ISABELLE MERCIER c11x8 Card Player, Poker Stars Sensation. Chest upward, big smile. Signed in gold and has added ‘No Mercy’ £5 JK
IVAN GASPAROVIC c8x4 President of Slovakia, chest upward signed in gold marker £6 JK
IVANA TRUMP c10x8 head & shoulders in black sweater looking to camera, black first name marker signature £18 JK
J J NORTH c3.5×2.5 Model. Shown waist upward in lacy style bra top. has appeared on several US TV shows £3 JK
J N FRANKS CAPTAIN First day style cover showing Chuck Yeager. French postage stamp. Item flown from 1983 Paris Air Show to RAF Northolt. Signed in blue pen £6 JK
J SWETT COLONEL album page USMC, WWII, 16 air victories, signed album page in pen £8 JK
JACK CANFIELD 7×5 chest upward of the author and speaker on a photocopy photo BUT actual personal signature in blue £4 JK
JAKKI DEGG MODEL, 1 in stock on card £4 JK
JAKKI DEGG 8x6d seated casually wearing sweater and jeans on a mag pic, black marker signature £5 JK
JAMELAH MODEL, 1 in stock on card £4 JK
JAMELAH 8x6d chest upward low cut lacy top, mag pic laid to card, black marker signature £5 JK
JAMES BRYAN c10x8 Directed Hell Riders, Dont Go Into The Woods. Shown here possibly as a character, a little grainy but good signature in black marker £10 JK
JAMES MEADE economics Nobel prize winner, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
JAMES PATTERSON bw10x8 Nice casual younger shot with beard. Signed in pen over grey area. Photo has some indents and surface bends. Kiss The Girls, Along Came A Spider £8 JK
JAMES R LEAVELLE Two lines of handwriting and his initials in blue marker. Was handcuffed to Oswald when shot by Ruby. Kennedy assassination. £10 JK
JASMIN LE BON MODEL,, 1 in stock on card £7 JK
JEAN JACQUES ANNAUD c6x4d holding 2 lion cubs as a promo for The Two Brothers, top film director, signed in black marker £6 JK
JEB BUSH bw7x5 Governor of Florida brother of George Bush American president. Shown in his office casually seated on the desk, black marker signature some over dark area £14 JK
JEFF BANKS bw10x8 waist upward, arms folded, smiling to camera, black pen signature. Fashion designer £18 JK
JEFFREY ARCHER 7x5d casual seated shot signed in bottom margin £5 JK
JENNIFER HARMAN c10x8 Professional Poker player shown in leather jacket at the table handling chips, signed in silver marker £10 JK
JILLY COOPER 7×5 exterior rural image with dogs, signed in biro. £7 JK
JO HICKS 8×6 front cover of a mag which has been cut down in size, dressed amusingly as a city gent £7 JK
JOANNA TROLLOPE AUTHOR, 2 in stock on card £6 JK
JOHANNES RAU c6x4 chest upward, German Federal President, signed in bottom margin £5 JK
JOHN HARROLD 1 in stock on card. Rupert the Bear illustrator for The Daily Express and Rupert Annuals £6 JK
JOHN MAJOR A 1977 First Day Cover for Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 1977, signed in black by the ex Prime Minister £16 JK
JOHN NABER AUTHOR, 2 in stock on card £4 JK
JOHN NABER bw3.5×2.5 head & shoulders of the author who has compiled motivating stories by Olympians. Fact sheet inc. £2 JK
JOHN PRESCOTT bw8x6 chest upward in suit, signed in marker over light area £10 JK
JOHN PRESCOTT c10x8 laser copy photo, chest upward signed in black marker £12 JK
JOHN REDWOOD 8×6 shown chest upward in suit, posed shot £6 JK
JOHN REID 8×6 chest upward in dark suit, signed over a light area £6 JK
JOHN SAUL 1 in stock on a headed sticky label ready to peel £4 JK
JOHN SAUL bw10x8 chest upward in raincoat, signed in black marker and dedicated to ‘K’ £12 JK
JORGE BATTLE c8x7 a headed typed signed letter,chest upward with sash, hands raised, of the President of Uruguay £10 JK
JOSEPH WAMBAUGH bw7x5d LAPD sergeant. The Onion Field £11 JK
KATE HOEY c10x8 laser copy head & shoulders, black signature in dark area £5 JK
KENNETH CLARKE c6x4 shown seated at a desk, small signature in blue ink £5 JK
LASZLO SOLYOM c6x4 close up of face of the President of Hungary, signed in bottom margin £5 JK
LAUREN SHULER DONNER bw10x8 US actress turned producer, X-Men, Constantine, Free Willy, signed in black marker £10 JK
LAURIANE GILLIERON 8×6 close up of face of Miss Switzerland, signed in black marker £6 JK
LIA SCOTT PRICE c10x8d US author, Vampires, supernatural, show standing at urban security gates, signed in black pen, also a film producer £10 JK
LINCOLN ALMOND 7×5 Governor of Rhode Island USA, chest upward signed in silver £7 JK
LINDA LUSARDI c6x4d chest upward in black top, signed in black pen £5 JK
LORD HAILSHAM dedicated page taken from an autograph album and signed as ‘Hailsham of St Marylebone’ £8 JK
LORD HAILSHAM POLITICS, dedicated, 1 in stock on card £10 JK
LORD HOWE 8×6 waist upward at a desk, photo laid to card which has the signature on £8 JK
LORD HOWE POLITICS, 2 in stock on card £6 JK
LUCY PINDER c6x4d – bikini shot of the model and Page 3 girl, signed in black marker £5 JK
LUCY PINDER c6x4d UK glamour and page 3 girl. In a bikini with ocean behind her, signed in black marker. £5 JK
M F BUTTERWORTH CAPTAIN A first day style cover envelope 1979 depicting the first United Kingdom regular Commercial Passenger and Freight Service Aircraft 1919. 60th Anniversary Issue. Flown in a Trident London to Paris. £6 JK
M J COHEN c8x5 chest upward in suit and chain of the Mayor Of Amsterdam, appears to have signed with initials in black marker which has lifted £2 JK
MANUELA ARCURI c6x4 chest upward of the Italian model, also actress. Coconut Heads,Playboy 2005.Signed in black marker. £5 JK
MART LAAR c7x4 Estonian Prime Minister shown at a desk with keyboard £10 JK
MARY HIGGINS CLARK AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £5 JK
MARY McALEESE c6x4 Irish President shown standing behind the top corner of a settee £8 JK
MCDONALD & SAWYER PILOTS A first day style cover envelope 1979 depicting Capt. A P Moll and flown in a Meteor and Vampire and signed by both pilots £12 JK
MERLYN REES House of Lords notepaper signed and dated 1997 £6 JK
MERLYN REES On House of Commons headed notepaper, typed signed letter dated 1990 £6 JK
MICHAEL ERNEST SWEET c11x8d author of Dances with Love. small inset picture of him with poetry underneath, signed in black marker. £8 JK
MICHAEL HOWARD 8×6 chest upward, in suit, signed in blue pen £8 JK
MICHAEL MARTIN 8×6 The Speaker, great shot in his chambers, signed in white margin £8 JK
MICHAEL MEACHER c10x8 laser copy photo chest upward signed in biro £10 JK
MICHAEL O LEAVITT c10x8 Governor of Utah shown in his office with the State Seal behind him, nice item £12 JK
MICHAEL PORTILLO c10x8 chest upward in suit on a laser copy photo, signed in gold marker £10 JK
MICK and BRITA c6x4 children’s authors, postcard cartoon promo showing a family looking out of a window at lightning. £5 JK
MILLVINA DEAN bw8x8 DECEASED. Photo shows Titanic at the docks, signed in black marker. Was the last living survivor £45 JK
MORITZ LEUENBERGER bw6x4 President of the Swiss Confederation. Image to one half, signature on other £5 JK
NAOMI CAMPBELL c16x12m knees upward in white dress, hands behind head. Nice shot £22 JK
NELL McANDREW c10x8 midriff upward wearing bikini top, mag pic laid to card that has wrinkled some, black marker signature £6 JK
NELL McANDREW 8×6 ful length posed shot in trousers and low cut coat, nice signature in gold marker £10 JK
NICHOLAS EVANS c6x4 autograph in black marker on a promo for ‘The Loop’. Also wrote ‘The Horse Whisperer’Nice collectible £5 JK
NICHOLAS SPARKS AUTHOR, 1 in stock on card £6 JK
NICOLA STOTT 8x6d mag pic laid to card, seated in sweater showing plenty of leg, black pen signature £6 JK
NIGEL DEMPSTER 7×5 head & shoulders of the columnist and writer £4 JK
NIGEL DEMPSTER Autographed Editions first day cover commemorating 50 years of marriage by the Queen and Philip £8 JK
NORMAN FOWLER bw6x4 at his desk looking to camera, signed in bottom margin £5 JK
OWEN S ARTHUR c10x8 chest upward of the Prime Minister of Barbados, signed in gold marker £14 JK
PAM AYERS POET, dedicated, 1 in stock on card £3 JK
PAM AYRES dedicated hand written note on the reverse of a postcard. £1 JK
PARRIS GLENDENING c10x8 Governor of Maryland, chest upward in suit, signed in gold £14 JK
PETER BLAKE 1 in stock, white card, designed Sgt. Pepper album cover,Beatles £12 JK
PHILLIP WHITEHEAD 12×8 waist upward in suit, signed in bottom margin £10 JK
PHYLLIS NAYLOR c5x3.5 childrens author from the US. Alice books and Shiloh. Chest upward shot. £5 JK
PIERS ANTHONY c6x4 A personal photo signed on the back and dedicated. Also included a typed signed letter. £10 JK
QUENTIN DODD c7x2.5 sci fi author. This item is almost like a combined bookmark and compliments slip signed in black. It shows on either side one of his book covers and in bold letters the titles. A nice unusual item for the scifi author collector £5 JK
R L ROWLEY A first day cover style envelope 1979 depicting Harry G Hawker with Australian stamps. Flown from Melbourne to London in a 747 and then by FLT. LT. Rowley in a Hawker Hunter, signed in black pen £6 JK
RICHARD BRANSON c6x4 strange face shot, distorted and with lines and marks, bold black signature though. Virgin boss £7 JK
RIDLEY PEARSON c6x4 US author of adult and children’s novels. Full length casual image, signed in black marker. £5 JK
ROBERT MUNSCH 7x5d Childrens author. Head & shoulders smiling to camera, signed in black marker. The Paper Bag Princess £5 JK
ROBERT SHAPIRO LAWYER defended O J Simpson, 5 in stock on card £8 JK
ROBERT WISE bw10x8d Director. Sound Of Music, Star Trek, West Side Story. Chest upward signed photo looking to camera, arms folded, autograph in black marker £16 JK
ROY HATTERSLEY c6x4 chest upward smiling to camera, signed in blue pen £4£5 JK
ROY JENKINS bw6x4 postcard, half of front a sketch of his head, with the 1983 election results on other half £16 JK
ROY JENKINS bw6x4 head & shoulders looking to camera signed in narrow bottom margin and dated £16 JK
SAM MENDES director 1 in stock on card £6 JK
SCARY GUY 8x6d close up of tattooed face. promotes peace, love, but banned from 2 US cities for looking scary £5 JK
SCOTT McCALLUM c10x8 great shot of the Gov. of Wisconsin, hands on hips in a classic setting £12 JK
SHAMRON MOORE c10x8d MODEL chest upward of the model and Playboy girl signed in blue marker pen. £6 JK
SHAW, DALY & WROE A first day style cover envelope 1972 depicting a Harrier and Morane-Saulnier. Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of No. £3 Squadron. Signed by all 3 and flown in a Harrier over Flanders £14 JK
SIDNEY SHELDON c8.5x5d chest upward portrait shot signed in bottom margin by the author. £6 JK
SIR GEORGE YOUNG bw7x5 portrait shot chest upward in suit £8 JK
SOPHIE DAHL bw8x6 on a Storm Agency promo, showing her on the front cover of Arena Mag.. Signed in silver marker vertically on left hand border £10 JK
STEPHEN BYERS 8×6 chest upward in suit signed in pen over a green background £8 JK
STEPHEN COONTS 7×5 sci-fi writer shown chest upward, signed in black marker £6 JK
STEPHEN TIMMS c6x4 signed on reverse but scratchy signature £1 JK
STIK c6x4d Childrens illustrator (Bill Greenhead) on a postcard showing a cartoon baby. £3 JK
T G THOMPSON c10x8d Gov. of Wisconsin £4 JK
TAMMY MODEL, 1 in stock on card £4 JK
TAMMY HART c12x8 on all fours in a bikini, plenty of cleavage, black marker signature with first name £12 JK
TARA KING c10x8 full length mag pic, topless and suspender bottoms, signed with first name £10 JK
TARA KING 7×5 mag pic laid to card, leaning over a table, topless and bottomless, signed with first name £8 JK
TED KOTCHEFF bw10x8 Weekend at Bernies £10 JK
TED KOTCHEFF bw10x8d Joshua Now and Then £8 JK
TERESA GORMAN c6x4 MP for Billericay, signed on reverse £2 JK
TOMMY HILFIGER bw10x8 fashion guy, signed in green marker across white shirt £12 JK
TONY BANKS c6x4 DECEASED chest upward of the ex Sports Minister on a computer generated matt finish picture overcoloured, signed in black marker £8 JK
TONY BLAIR c10x8 Chest upward, in bottom left of photo, leaving Number 10, the Door being prominent. Black marker signature partly over dark area £24 JK
TONY BLAIR c8x5 chest upward one hand raised, leaving Number 10, signed in black marker partly over dark area £14 JK
VALDAS ADAMKUS 8×6 portrait shot, seated, of the President Of Lithuania, signed in bottom margin. £8 JK
VANESSA UPTON 8x6d Model glamour. Mag pic laid to card, full length image in bikini, silver signature £6 JK
VIDAL SASSOON bw10x8 DECEASED shown against a wall and is framed by bamboo type trees, arms folded and barefooted, signed in black marker £14 JK
VINCENT CERF 7x5d close up of face, known as the Father of the Internet £5 JK
VINCENT CERF 7×5 one of the founders of the Internet idea £6 JK
VON FURSTENBERG DIANA FASHION DESIGNER, dedicated, 1 in stock on card £2 JK
WEBB & TAYLOR A First day style cover 1981 showing Duncan Simpson OBE and signed by WG. CDR. T M Webb & FLT. LT. A M Taylor. Flown in a Hawk. £10 JK
WILIAM WALDEGRAVE c5x4 chest upward in suit looking to camera, signed in black marker £3 JK
WILLIAM HAGUE 7×5 smart shot in suit, signed in bottom margin. Conservatives. £12 JK
WOLFGANG SCHUSSEL c8x4 Chancellor of Austria, head & shoulders with information text, signed in black pen £5 JK
WOODWARD & BAKER FLT. LTS. A first day style cover envelope 1973 depicting a Wessex and Bristol M.£1C. Commemorating the 55th operational anniversary of 72 Squadron. Signed by both and flown in a Wessex HC II £12 JK
YVETTE COSTEAU c6x4 German adult film star and model, not shown on item which is a promo for Boundcon III, the European Fetish Convention. Signed in silver £5 JK