From black and white movies to modern cinema here you will find autographs of actors who played lead roles and supporting roles. From Hollywood blockbusters to British Comedy, Carry On.  Signed photos, signed theatre flyers, album pages and plain card.

10% discount for all orders over £100 from any combination of categories. Scans and Certificates of Authenticity available on request.

c = colour, COL = colour, d= dedicated, sizes in inches, F/L = full length, H/L = half length

m = mounted, ie signature with separate photo mounted above

Name Description Price Ref
AIDAN YOUNG 1 in stock on card £5 JK
ALAIN DELON bw10x8 film still hanging from a building about to have his fingers cut! signed in black marker £14 JK
ALAN BATES c10x8 DECEASED image in character wearing a beard, signed over white tie £18 JK
ALAN BATES bw10x8 DECEASED still from ‘Georgy Girl’ 1966, shown with Lyn Redgrave. Photo shows signs of age. Small signature £18 JK
ALBERT & LES WOOD bw5.5×3.5d novelty music act of the 50s shown with one of their music making machines £7 JK
ALBERT BROOKES bw10x8d items shows 3 images from Broadcast news, signed in black marker, some surface bending £10 JK
ALBERT FINNEY Deceased. Small magazine picture, shown with Julia Roberts, both chest upwards, signed over his shirt £12 JK
ALBERT FINNEY bw10x8 chest upward still from The Dresser putting on make up, he plays an actor, signed in black pen £24 JK
ALEC BALDWIN c10x8 close up of face, casual pose, signed in blue marker. 30 Rock, Will & Grace £18 JK
ALEC GUINNESS Signed card – Actor probably most famous for his role as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars £35 RT
ALEX JENNINGS c6x4 shown in a stage play ‘Stuff Happens’ as G W BUSH. Signed in black marker with a short nosigned note on reverse £5 JK
ALFRED DRAYTON on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
ALFRED MOLINA c14x12m Showing him on a poster style promo as Dr Octopus from Spiderman, which starred Maguire and Dunst, looking over the city. marker signature on white card. £28 JK
ANDREW BIBBY PANTO, CINDERELLA, flyer, plays Lance in Neighbours £3 JK
ANTON RODGERS, DENNIS WATERMAN THEATRE, WINDY CITY, both signed flyer in black pen £4 JK
ANTON WALBROOK 1939 on paper 1 in stock £18 JK
ANTONIO SABATO JNR bw10x8 close up of fac , signed in silver marker over dark area £14 JK
ANTONY SHER P/C, H/L, B/W Talented TV and stage actor £4 RT
ANTONY SHER 1 in stock on card £4 JK
AUGUST SCHELLENBERG bw10x8d Still from Free Willy, he played Randolph, showing the whale leaping, him and 2 others in the background, signed in marker. £12 JK
AUGUST SCHELLENBERG bw10x8d close up of face, played Randolph in Free Willy, signed in marker. £10 JK
BARRY K BARNES 1940 on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
BEN KEATON THEATRE leaflet playing one of the Marx Bros. in a West End play £2 JK
BEN KINGSLEY bw10x8 left half is a character portrait shot from Sneakers, right half is a portait shot of Mary McDonnell £16 JK
BEN KINGSLEY bw10x8 double image shot from Sneakers signed in blue marker £16 JK
BEN STEIN bw10x8 shown on a sofa with his dog. Ritchie Rich, The Mask £10 JK
BENEDICT TAYLOR 1 in stock £4 JK
BERNIE CLIFTON PANTO SNOW WHITE flyer signed in black pen, famous for his ostrich act £2 JK
BERT KWOUK Signed letter – nice typed letter to a fan. Signed by Kwouk who starred in the Pink Panther films £11 RT
BILLY HUFSEY c10x8d head & shoulders casual shot. Several films inc. Fame 1980, signed in black. £12 JK
BOB CAROLGEES PANTO, DICK WHITTINGTON, flyer signed in black pen £2 JK
BOB HOSKINS DECEASED c6x4 in silver marker which has lifted some, on a promo for Twentyfour Seven £6 JK
BRIAN CONLEY THEATRE, THE BRIAN CONLEY SHOW, flyer signed in black marker £3 JK
BRIAN OSBORNE 2 in stock Carry On films £5 JK
BRIAN RIX 2 in stock on card £5 JK
BRIAN RIX dedicated 1 in stock £4 JK
BRUNO GANZ c16x12 Lobby poster for the German film Der Untergang – Downfall – showing small image of Hitler in gray setting. Signed in silver marker. One horizontal fold £20 JK
BURT KWOUK 3 in stock on card £4 – also 1 on paper ( has folds) £2, – 1 on paper £4 JK
CARL BRISSON bw3.5×2.5 Danish, 1895 to 1958. British films in the 20s & 30s. Vintage shot in top hat & tails £15 JK
CARL BRISSON bw5.5×3.5 casual pose of the Danish actor, died 1958, films in the UK 1920s and 30s, he has dated his signature 1939. Adhesion marks to both top corners £18 JK
CARL REINER bw10x8 Deceased, chest upward. US actor, writer, director and involved in many top films £14 JK
CASEY AFFLECK c10x8 waist upward in character with bloody shirt. Signed in black marker, appearead in the Oceans 11 movies. Gone Baby Gone £18 JK
CECIL FREDERICK (RAMSBOTTOM) on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
CHARLES DALE THEATRE, ART, signed in blue marker, ex Coronation Street £3 JK
CHARLES DANCE bw10x8 chest upward sideways to camera, signed in gold pen £14 JK
CHARLES DANCE bw5x4 shown chest upwards, signed in gold marker on black suit £4 JK
CHARLES DANCE Signed Card Hollywood actor £8 RT
CHARLES DANCE 1 in stock on card £5 JK
CHARLIE COX bw6x4 actor comedian wrestler from the US. Signed in silver over black clothing £5 JK
CHARLIE COX 3 in stock on card US actor comedian wrestler £4 JK
CHARLTON HESTON 3.5×5, H/S, B/W Portrait shot of the actor. Excellent signature £6 RT
CHARLTON HESTON 10×8 – we have a number of 10×8’s available with Heston in role as Ben Hur, Moses and Planet of the Apes £19 RT
CHARLTON HESTON c10x8 possibly from Ben Hur. Appears to be stirring a tub of tar, a laser copy photo with hand written signature. £25 JK
CHARLTON HESTON c10x8 chest upward portrait shot in later years, bold marker signature, nice item. £24 JK
CHARLTON HESTON bw7.5×5 chest upward signed at a UK Theatre in black marker, one blemish just touching signature on a paper style photo £8 JK
CHEVY CHASE bw10x8 close up of young face, dark hair, signed in blue marker £14 JK
CHEYENNE JACKSON bw10x8 Broadway TV & film star head & shoulders signed in black marker. 30 Rock star £10 JK
CHRISTIAN SLATER bw11x7 action shot in combat gear and automatic rifle from Broken Arrow, signed in silver £16 JK
CHRISTOPHER LEE Signed Card Famous for his roles in the Hammer horror films, James Bond and more recently Lord Of The Rings £25 RT
CHRISTOPHER LEE 10×8, H/L,COL Two different photos available. One shown as the Man With the Golden Gun (James Bond) and also as Dracula from the Hammer horror films. £39 RT
CHRISTOPHER LEE 10×8 colour shot of Lee showing a still form Dracula. Very collectable £52 RT
CHRISTOPHER LEE Mount. Photo showing a still from the Bond film ‘Man With The Golden Gun. With signed card underneath. Ready for framing. £36 RT
CLAUDE HULBERT bw10x8m small pic.chest upward in white tie of the vintage actor, small pencil signature on faded white card £14 JK
COLIN BAKER PANTO, PETER PAN, flyer signed in marker. Dr Who £3 JK
COLIN BAKER PANTO, DICK WHITTINGTON, flyer dedicated, signed in black marker. Dr Who £2 JK
COLIN BAKER PANTO SNOW WHITE flyer dedicated & signed in black marker 2005/6. Dr Who £2 JK
COLLIN BAKER & OTHERS THEATRE, ALL MY SONS, flyer also signed by Ken Drury, Garrick Hagon and 6 others £12 JK
CRAIG T NELSON c10x8 starred as the father in Poltergeist, also The Killing Fields. Shown here waist upward with an American football on his shoulders, probably from his US TV series ‘Coach’ £18 JK
DALE HUNTINGTON bw10x8 head & shoulders signed in green marker. Pirates Of The Caribbean, War Of The Worlds £14 JK
DAN AYKROYD bw10x8 film still showing 2 seperate scenes from Sneakers, signed in marker £17 JK
DANNY AIELLObw10x8d Deceased. Close up of face, signed in black marker. Leon, Moonstruck£12JK
DANNY AIELLO Deceased, 1 in stock on card, Pret-a-Porter, Ruby, Man on Fire £7 JK
DANNY ARROYO bw6x4 postcard photo in t-shirt, signed in black marker. On reverse a hand written signed note. Lethal Weapon 4, ER, 24. £6 JK
DANNY LA RUE 2 in stock on card £5 JK
DAVE PROWSE Signed card – Played Darth Vader in Star Wars £12 RT
DAVID GRIFFIN THEATRE, EDUCATING RITA, flyer signed in black marker £3 JK
DAVID GRIFFIN PANTO, Cinderella 9.5×6.5 inches, flyer dedicated in black marker £2 JK
DAVID KEITH bw10x8 US actor/director, chest upward casual shot, appeared in The Rose, Independance Day, black marker signature £14 JK
DAVID KERR on paper 1 in stock £3 JK
DAVID PUTTNAM Signed Card Film producer £4 RT
DAVID SUCHET THEATRE, OLEANNA, signature over dark area on flyer £2 JK
DE SOUSA EDWARD Poster Dr Who, The Avengers and James Bond £3 RT
DENHOLM ELLIOTT P/C, H/S, B/W Very slight smudge on the ‘Best Wishes’ part of the signature £12 RT
DENIS BLANCHE 2 in stock on card £5 JK
DENIS QUILLEY 3 in stock on card £7 JK
DENNY MILLER sepia 10×8 shown as a sherriff, signed in blue marker. Has played Tarzan 1959, Wagon Train £14 JK
DERMOT KEANEY bw6x4 head & shoulders, appeared in True Crime, Madness of King George and others £5 JK
DES LLEWELYN 10×8, H/L, B/W Shown as Q from James Bond. Excellent signature £60 RT
DESMOND LLEWELYN 5×6, H/L Super rare promo card with Q and Brosnan surrounded by montage of bond shots celebrating 35 years of Bond. £36 RT
DESMOND LLEWELYN Signed Card Famous for his roll as Q in the James Bond films. Now sadly deceased £20 RT
DESMOND LLEWELYN 2 in stock, on plain card, played Q in the Bond movies. £16 JK
DON LAFONTAINE bw10x8d chest upward of the voice of the cinema trailers before the main feature. American deep voiced guy. £10 JK
DONALD SINDEN THEATRE PROGRAMME She Stoops To Conquer dedicated in black marker on the front cover, some smudging to dedication and to first letter of Donald £6 JK
DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JNR P/C, H/L, B/W Sketched drawing signed by Fairbanks. Nice item £20 RT
DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS Jnr. bw7x5 born 1909 many films £20 JK
DUGGIE WAKEFIELD bw5.5×3.5 d1951, films in the 1930s, chest upward looking smart, crease across forehead, signed in bold black £10 JK
ED BYRNE THEATRE, ON THE ROAD, flyer signed in pen £2 JK
EDWARD DE SOUZA bw8x6 British actor notably on stage with some screen appearances, chest upward casual shot £10 JK
EMLYN WILLIAMS on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
ERNELL MANABAT c10x8d head & shoulders looking to camera. Appeared in Miss Congeniality 2 (Sandra Bullock), Lucky Quarter. Signed in black marker £10 JK
ERNEST CLARK 1 in stock, on blue paper with small image laid on, dedicated. A Stitch in Time, Norman Wisdom film. £5 JK
ERNIE LOTTINGA on paper 1 in stock £10 JK
EWAN McGREGOR c10x8 emerging from the toilet pan in Trainspotting, black marker autograph on photograph, some over dark area. Also in Star Wars. £18 JK
FINETIME FONTAYNE THEATRE, STOOD UP, flyer dedicated in blue pen £2 JK
FRANK HARPER dedicated 1 in stock £5 JK
FRANK SILVA 1 in stock on card £5 JK
FRANK TITHERTON bw10x8(sepia touch) Vintage photo, of the 30s actor. Not a bold signature £6 JK
FRAZER HINES & LIZ HOBBS PANTO, Cinderella both signed in black marker on flyer £3 JK
FREDDIE JONES bw6x4 chest upward, straw type hat, head resting on hand, clear black signature. Numerous TV and films £8 JK
FREDDIE SALES dedicated 1 in stock £5 JK
FREDDIE STARR THEATRE, SUMMER MADNESS, flyer signed in black marker £4 JK
FREDERICK CECIL bw3x2 known as Ramsbottom’, films in the 40s, chest upward in overcoat, pipe and hat £8 JK
GARY OLSEN theatre ad. for ‘Art’ West End play, shaped like a tube of oil paint £5 JK
GARY WILMOT bw7x5 head & shoulders in t-shirt, big smile, signed in black pen. £6 JK
GARY WILMOT THEATRE, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, flyer signed on the front in black. £6 JK
GARY WILMOT THEATRE, COPACABANA, flyer signed in pen £2 JK
GENE RAYMOND dedicated 1 in stock £6 JK
GEOFFREY PALMER 1 in stock on card £5 JK
GEORGE PEPPARD & ELAINE STRITCH THEATRE, LOVE LETTERS, flyer clearly signed by both under their images. £16 JK
GORING MARIUS P/C, H/L, B/W Stage and film actor £9 RT
GRIFFITH JONES on paper 1 in stock £10 JK
GRUMBLEWEEDS PANTO, SNOW WHITE, flyer signed by Robin and Graham £5 JK
H from STEPS 8×6 PANTO, SLEEPING BEAUTY 2005/6 flyer signed in black marker, has one fold £3 JK
HAROLD PINTER Signed Card Actor, director and screenwriter. £14 RT
HAROLD PINTER P/C, H/L, B/W Actor, director and screenwriter. £14 RT
HARRY KORRIS on paper 1 in stock £10 JK
HARRY SHEARER bw10x8 Film actor since the 50s and now known as Mr Burns voice in The Simpsons, black signature over dark area £14 JK
HARRY WELCHMAN 1886 -1966 1 in stock £4 JK
HENRY JUSTIN bw10x8 head & shoulders current image in black tshirt against a dark background, signed in marker £14 JK
HENRY WINKLER bw8x6d shown with Adam Sandler in a scene from The Waterboy. signed in black marker. Played The Fonz £8 JK
HORST TAPPERT c6x4 born 1923, German, famous for ‘Derrick’ on German TV in the 70s £5 JK
HUGH BONNEVILLE dedicated 3 in stoc on card signed to K £4 JK
HUGO SPEER bw6x4 close up of face, portrait shot, famous for The Full Monty, Bleak House, Sorted. £6 JK
HUGO SPEER bw10x8 close up of unshaven face, signed in blue, some surface bending and crinckles £8 JK
HUGO SPEER c14x12m shown with The Full Monty lads at Golden Globe awards lined up, 2 have slipped jackets off shoulders as though stripping, great shot £18 JK
HUGO SPEER 1 in stock on card £4 JK
IAN CARMICHAEL DECEASED an item similar to a first day cover, with a film scene on from The Importance of Being Earnest. Number 11 of 13 £12 JK
IAN CARMICHAEL 3 in stock on card DECEASED £6 JK
IAN HOLM Signed Card Actor. Appeared in Lord Of The Rings £9 RT
IAN WHYTE c10x8d superb 20th Century Fox photo showing him as Scar from Alien v Predator. Bold silver signature £15 JK
IAN WILLIAMS & RORY GIBSON PANTO, ALADDIN, flyer signed in blue and black pen, £1 in stock £2 JK
JACK BUCHANAN & ELSIE RANDOLPH Elsie Randolph has signed on the reverse. 1 in stock £24 JK
JACK DOUGLAS 1 in stock on card £5 JK
JACK DOUGLAS 6 in stock on card, Carry On £8 JK
JACK GRINNAGE bw10x8 still from Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean showing the scene where Buzz’s car has just gone over the cliff. Superb piece of cinema memorabilia. Signed photo in black marker £22 JK
JACK HEDLEY 1 in stock £6 JK
JACK LEMMON DECEASED bw10x8d signed in black marker at a UK Theatre 1970s/80s. In dinner jacket, some discolouration £16 JK
JACKIE MARTLING bw10x8 dedicated to ‘K’, some creasing. US comedian in films, and writer for the Howard Stern Show. £5 JK
JAMES BELUSHI bw10x8 shown waist upward in character, baseball cap, dark glasses and cigar, signed in black marker. According to Jim star. £18 JK
JAMES CAAN 10×8, H/L, B/W Casual shot of Cann. Star of many films including Rollerball. £25 RT
JAMES DALES born 1886 1 in stock £6 JK
JAMES EDWARD OLMOS bw10x8d head & shoulders film still from Stand and Deliver £12 JK
JAMES FOX 1 in stock on card £5 JK
JAMES GARNER P/C, H/L, B/W Nice portrait shot of Garner. Fairly recent £8 RT
JAMES GARNER DECEASED 1 in stock on card £8 JK
JAMES T CALLAHAN dedicated 1 in stock on card £4 JK
JEFF DANIELS bw10x8 shown in a still from Pleasantville as the waiter, signed in black marker £18 JK
JEREMY DAVIES 4 in stock on card saving Private Ryan £6 JK
JEREMY IRONS bw10x8 still from Swann In Love shown with Fanny Ardant both in period costumes £14 JK
JEREMY IRONS 6×4, H/S, B/W Moody shot. Has been dedicated £4 RT
JIM DAVIDSON THEATRE, SINDERELLA, flyer signed in black pen £3 JK
JIM FLORENTINE c10x8 chest upward of the New York comedian with a puppet called Special E. Jim has also appeared in several films. Signed in black marker £10 JK
JIMMY HANLEY on paper 1 in stock £12 JK
JOE McGANN & SAMANTHA JANUS THEATRE, EARTH & SKY, flyer signed by both in black pen £8 JK
JOE PANTOLIANO c10x8 head & shoulders as Cypher in The Matrix. Signed in black marker. Keanu Reeves movie. £14 JK
JOE PANTOLIANO c10x8 in character as Ben Urich in the movie Daredevil. Pictured at a computer, signed in black marker £12 JK
JOE PASQUALE & BILLY PEARCE THEATRE, LAUGHTER SHOW, flyer dedicated, signed in pen and silver marker £2 JK
JOHN AGAR bw10x8d shown with John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Temple in Fort Apache. Signed in later years with shaky signature £16 JK
JOHN CARRADINE On a cut piece laid to an album page, undedicated. 1940 Grapes of Wrath £42 JK
JOHN CLEESE MOUNT Nice still from Clockwise with a signed card mounted beneath it. £17 RT
JOHN GIELGUD signed theatre ad. 6×4 on card for the play “”Constant Nymph”” 1926, signed at a later date, unusual £24 JK
JOHN GORDON SINCLAIR 1 in stock on card £5 JK
JOHN HART 10×8, H/L, B/W Nice shot of Hart in costume as the Lone Ranger. Rare £28 RT
JOHN HURT P/C, H/L, B/W British actor £9 RT
JOHN LEYTON bw10x8 scene from The Great Escape, he played The Tunneler. Shown with Charles Bronson. Signed in gold marker £16 JK
JOHN LOTHAR headed hand written letter dated 1938 with 2 pictures of him on. Letter is asking for any parts in a new play. Appeared in the 1938 film ‘The Citadel’ starring, Rex Harison, Ralph Richardson, Robert Donat. It had 2 Academy Award nominations £12 JK
JOHN McCALLUM c14x11m chest upward 50s shot of the leading man in stage and film who married Googie Withers £15 JK
JOHN MILLS 6×4 b/w – Famous British actor £6 RT
JOHN MILLS bw15x10m chest upward in character, centre parted hair and collarless shirt, autograph in black pen. Now collectable. £38 JK
JOHN MILLS bw10x8 chest upward in character, centre parted hair and collarless shirt, signed in blue pen £38 JK
JOHN MILLS bw10x8 still from The Truth About Spring on a downloaded Internet picture, shown with Hayley. Collectable item £24 JK
JOHN NETTLETON Signed Card British actor £6 RT
JOHN PHILLIP LAW bw10x8d DECEASED head & shoulders casual shot of the star of Barberella and Tarzan The Ape Man £10 JK
JOHN SHEA bw10x8d some smudging. Played Lex Luthor in TVs Superman £6 JK
JOHN SISSONS 1 in stock £4 JK
JOHN TRAVOLTA bw10x8 looking out of the side window of a black car smiling to camera, black marker signature. Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever £24 JK
JONATHAN PRYCE c14x12m still from The World Is Not Enough, shown at a lecturn, sined in blue marker on white card. James Bond £18 JK
JOSE FERRER Signed Card American actor £9 RT
JOSEPH CALLEIA dedicated 1 in stock £8 JK
JOSIAH D LEE c6x4 head & shoulders of the Asian actor, LOST, Team America, signed in black marker £7 JK
JOSS ACKLAND THEATRE, THE GIN GAME, flyer signed in black. West End actor £3 JK
JUDD HIRSCH 8×8, H/S,B/W Smiling portrait pose of the Taxi actor. £14 RT
JUDGE REINHOLD bw10x8 chest upward in black. Films inc. Gremlins, Beverley Hills Cop £16 JK
JULIAN CLARY THEATRE, MY GLITTERING PASSAGE,flyer signed in black marker mostly over dark area £3 JK
JULIAN FORSYTH THEATRE PROGRAMME Oliver signed inside in green marker £8 JK
JULIAN GLOVER bw6x4 head & shoulders as Kristatos in James Bond For Your Eyes Only, signed in black marker £12 JK
JULIAN GLOVER 2 in stock on card £5 JK
JUSTIN HENRY 2 in stock on card £5 JK
KARL DALL c6x4 chest upward of the German musician actor, signed in black marker £5 JK
KEITH BARRON & NEIL STACY THEATRE, RICOCHET, both signed flyer in marker pen. Duty Free £4 JK
KEITH MICHELL DECEASED bw11x8 old book picture showing him in character as Theseus from A Midsummer Nights Dream, signed in black marker £12 JK
KEN COLLEY 1 in stock on card £6 JK
KENNETH BRANAGH c10x8d with Emma Thompson from Fortunes Of War TV series, signed in black marker £18 JK
KENNETH CRANHAM THEATRE PROGRAMME An Inspector Calls, signed inside against his character image of Inspector Goole £8 JK
KEO WOOLFORD THEATRE, The King And I shown with Josie Lawrence. Flyer signed in silver. Glossy card item. Nice £4 JK
KEVIN McCARTHY bw3.5×2.5 close up of face, signed with first name, a little scratchy £3 JK
KEVIN McCARTHY bw10x8 waist upward in character raising a glass, possibly smart cowboy western coat and bow tie, signed in black marker with inscription £14 JK
KEVIN McCARTHY 2 DECEASED in stock on card £7 JK
KEVIN SPACEY bw10x8d double image still from Consenting Adults with Kevin Kline, signed in blue marker £14 JK
KIRK DOUGLAS signed in blue marker on the front of a classy brochure issued from the Sofitel Demeure Hotel, Mayfair London £45 JK
KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER 2 in stock, on card, James Bond actor £6 JK
KYLE MACLACHLAN bw7x5 head & shoulders, tie undone looking serious. Twin Peaks £7 JK
KYLE MACLACHLAN THEATRE, On An Average Day in which he starred with Woody Harrelson, flyer signed in blue marker £5 JK
LAURIE GAIN dedicated 1 in stock £3 JK
LEE ARENBERG c10x8 absolutely superb in character shot as Pintel on a Pirates Of The Caribbean photo, signed in bold silver with comments. Johnny Depp £16 JK
LEIGH LAWSON bw10x8 on a still from Madame Sousatzka being embraced by Twiggy £15 JK
LEIGH LAWSON bw5.5×3.5 chest upward signed in gold. several films and TVs Kinsey £4 JK
LEONARD PRESTON THEATRE, THE CUCKOO AND THE NIGHTINGALE, flyer signed by Preston, Nigel Hoyle, Malene Christian, Nick Bartlett, Will Kettle & Luke Matthews £2 JK
LESLIE BANKS on paper 1 in stock £12 JK
LIONEL JEFFRIES Ephemera British actor & director. Typed letter signed by Jeffries £4 RT
LIONEL JEFFRIES 2 in stock on card, signed in 2009 £5 JK
LITTLE & LARGE PANTO, BABES IN THE WOOD, both signed in pen on flyer £6 JK
MALCOLM MCDOWELL Signed Card Actor. Card has been dedicated £4 RT
MARTIN SHEENE 6×4, H/L, B/W Photo shows Sheen in a pensive mood. £11 RT
MATT MULLINS c10x8 signed photo in red marker showing him in 3 martial arts positions. Stunt man. Johhny Tao, Bloodfist £12 JK
MATTHEW LEWIS 2 in stock on card £5 JK
MAX BOYCE PANTO, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK 2 other signatures also on flyer. £2 JK
MAXWELL CAULFIELD 1 in stock on card £6 JK
MICHAEL CAINE 10×8, F/L, COL Still from The Italian Job. Two available. One shown with Noel Coward in prison, the other shown with girlfriend and large teddy bear £64 RT
MICHAEL CAINE 7×5 chest upward in suit and black glasses, younger shot, signed in black marker. £16 JK
MICHAEL DENNISON bw5.5×3.5d chest upward in jacket/tie, signed in bottom margin, later years image. £8 JK
MICHAEL DENNISON on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
MICHAEL DENNISON & DULCIE GRAY 1 in stock on card £14 JK
MICHAEL HOBBS PANTO, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, flyer signed in black marker, £2 JK
MICHAEL JAYSTON 3 in stock on card £4 JK
MICHAEL MEDWIN 1 in stock on card £6 JK
MICHAEL MEDWIN 1 in stock £5 JK
MICHAEL REDGRAVE c12x8m shown chest upward in character, blood on hands holding a dagger, Macbeth?, Hamlet?. Narrow mounted signature £25 JK
MICHAEL WILLIAMS THEATRE, BRIEF LIVES, flyer signed over dark area £5 JK
MICHAEL YORK bw10x8m chest upward, open necked shirt, black marker signature over white area £16 JK
MICHAEL YORK bw10x8 head & shoulders younger shot, possibly a film still, signed in black marker £14 JK
MICHAEL YORK bw15x12m close up of face possibly from Logans Run £18 JK
MICHAEL YORK bw10x8 chest upward in character from The Taming Of The Shrew 1967, black marker signature £14 JK
MICHAEL YORK c10x8 waist upward in a scene from Logans Run, signed in black marker, also starred Jenny Agutter £18 JK
MICHAEL YORK 1 in stock on card £5 JK
MICHEAL GOUGH P/C, H/S, B/W Played Alfred in the Batman films £5 RT
MICHEAL HORDEN Signed Card Great deceased actor £14 RT
MICKEY ROONEY bw10x8 an original studio photo for Stablemates with printing on reverse and a reference number. Photo alone has been valued at about £15. Signed in 2009 whilst in panto in the UK in black marker. Slight damage to border but overall in very good condition for age. £35 JK
MICKEY ROONEY bw10x8 still from the 1939 film Huckleberry Finn signed in black marker 2009 by him and hs wife Jan. MICKEY ROONEY bw10x8 still from the 1939 film Huckleberry Finn signed in black marker 2009 by him and hs wife Jan.
MILTON BERLE bw10x8 chest upward of the acter who also wrote over 400 songs. died 2002. MILTON BERLE bw10x8 chest upward of the acter who also wrote over 400 songs. died 2002.
MONTE MARKHAM bw10x8d in leather jacket in front of a blurred helicopter, appeared in Dallas, Airport, Camelot £10 JK
MOORE ROGER Signed card – James Bond 007 and star of many other films. £20 RT
NIGEL HAVERS bw10x8 film still from The Whistle Blower showing him crouching behind a car, signed in bottom margin £14 JK
NIGEL HAVERS bw6x4 chest upward. Laser quality picture with large white border and signed to bottom £3 JK
NIGEL HAVERS bw10x8 a copy film still on stiff paper from A Passage to India showing an elephant with a line off load bearers behind in a desolate area, signed in black £12 JK
NIGEL PLANERTHEATRE, CHICAGO, flyer signed in black pen £2JK
No Sex Please We’re British – POSTER 20×12 flat packed, for the play, probably the 80s, peformed in London. Signed by Peter Graves, Helen Christie, Robert Dorning, Jonathan Darvill, Giles Cole, Moira Downie, Sonia Smyles, Jacki Piper, Phillip Trewinnard, Stephen Gledhill £22 JK
NORMAN BOWLER PANTO, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK,flyer signed in marker. Emmerdale £2 JK
NORMAN WANSTALL bw10x8 Dubbing editor for many James Bond films in the 1960s & 70s. Goldfinger, Dr No From Russia With Love. Shown in action with film strips, signed in blue marker £14 JK
NORMAN WISDOM On a green Pot Shots card, dedicated, with printed motto, “”better start rushing before the rush begins”” and a sketched picture (not of Norman). Signed in pen £18 JK
NORMAN WISDOM 7 in stock on plain card. British Comedy £22 JK
NORMAN WISDOM Album page, dedicated, also signed by Normans son Nick, dated 1972 £22 JK
NORMAN WISDOM 1 in stock, on lined paper in blue pen and dedicated. British comedy £16 JK
OLIVER FORD DAVIES bw8x6 chest upward portrait shot, West End, TV, films inc Star Wars £10 JK
OLIVER FORD-DAVIES 1 in stock on card £5 JK
OLIVER TOBIAS bw5x3.5 head & shoulders of the star of The Stud £4 JK
OWEN NARES bw4x3 idol in the 1920s and films up to the 40s. Died in 1943. chest upward portrait signed in ink £22 JK
OWEN NARES & ROBERTSON HARE on paper Hare has signed on the reverse 1 in stock £20 JK
PATRICK BURGIN 1 in stock on card £5 JK
PATRICK CARGILL & OTHERS THEATRE, KEY FOR TWO, flyer also signed by Moira Lister, Barbara Murray, Glyn Houston £10 JK
PATRICK MCNEE Signed card – Played Steed in the Avengers. £22 RT
PATRICK STEWART c10x8 as Captain Ahab, Moby Dick, waist upward, wet, about to throw a harpoon, nice signed photo £22 JK
PAUL COPLEY bw5.5×4 head & shoulders casual shot, played in Zulu Dawn, Bridge Too far + TV £5 JK
PAUL COPLEY 1 in stock Zulu Dawn £5 JK
PAUL HENRY PANTO, CINDERELLA, flyer signed in blue, played Benny in original Crossroads £2 JK
PAUL SCOFIELD bw5.5×3.5 DECEASED Head shot of the renowned actor, signed in bottom margin £8 JK
PETER ARMITAGE THEATRE, BRASSED OFF, flyer signed in blue pen. £4 JK
PETER BADALAMENTI c8.5×5.5d chest upward, played Penrod in The Pirates of the Caribbean, signed in black marker £8 JK
PETER DUNCAN THEATRE, ME AND MY GIRL, ex Blue Peter, flyer signed in black £2 JK
PETER HANLEY THEATRE, MAKING NOISE QUIETLY, flyer signed on the inside over the fold £1 JK
PETER STICKLES bw10x8 chest upward of the US actor,Cemetery Gates, Shortbus, The Lair (TV) Signed photo in black marker £10 JK
PETER USTINOV PLUS OTHERS THEATRE, BEETHOVENS TENTH, flyer also signed by Reece Dinsdale and 5 others £18 JK
PHIL DAVID 3 in stock on card £5 JK
PHILLIP DOWLING THEATRE, MAKING NOISE QUIETLY, small clear signature on flyer £1 JK
RALPH FIENNES 10×8, H/S, B/W Nice shot of the actor £14 RT
RALPH FIENNES P/C, H/S, B/W Britsh actor £9 RT
RAY COONEY 2 in stock on card £4 JK
RAY STEVENSON c6x4 Head & shoulders signed in black marker. Rome, Insurgent, Thor, Dexter £8 JK
RED BUTTONS bw10x8d waist upward in dinner jacket, inscribed ‘to Karl, who never got a dinner’ £12 JK
REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY THEATRE, leaflet signed on the back above their images by all 3 with comments. £6 JK
REX HARRISON Signed Card British actor £20 RT
REX HARRISON 1 in stock, album page, signed 1970s/80s at a UK Theatre. Dr Doolittle, My Fair Lady £28 JK
REX HOLDSWORTH 1 in stock £4 JK
RICHARD BENJAMIN bw10x8 waist upward casual shot, possibly a film still, appeared in Westworld as one of the 2 visitors £14 JK
RICHARD BENJAMIN bw10x8 Westworld still, head & shoulders in stetson, played one of the two holiday makers in the Yul Bryner cult film £18 JK
RICHARD E GRANT Signed Card Tv and film actor. Dedicated £4 RT
RICHARD GREEN bw5.5×3.5 very early portrait shot signed in pen. Also clearly signed on the reverse with a message. Most famous as 1950s TV hero Robin Hood £14 JK
RICHARD GRIEVE THEATRE DAISY MILLER bold black marker autograph. Ex Neighbours and Home & Away. Flyer has one fold £2 JK
RICHARD GRIEVE PANTO DICK WHITTINGTON autograph in bold black marker, ex Neighbours & Home & Away. Flyer has one fold £2 JK
RICHARD HARRIS colour film poster for Gladiator showing Russell Crowe in the arena standing over a body. Signed in bold black marker by Richard. Item has a couple of minor imperfections. An impressive item mounted to 31×24 £62 JK
RICHARD HARRIS Signed Card Signed white card. Tough to get. Now starring in ‘Harry Potter’. In-person. £20 RT
RICHARD HEARNE `Mr Pastry` 1 in stock £10 JK
RICHARD MURDOCK on paper 1 in stock £12 JK
RICHARD NORTON PANTO, Dick Whittington 9.5×6.5 inches, signed in pen on flyer , Home & Away actor. £2 JK
RICHARD TODD bw10x8 shown in medieval character as a noble, probably a 50s film. Signed in marker, great item £20 JK
RICHARD TODD bw15x10m head & shoulders young shot, shirt & tie, signed on white card £16 JK
RICHARD TODD c14x11m 50s picture shows Todd waist upward in jacket and holding pipe. Superb item £22 JK
RICHARD TODD bw10x8 still from Robin Hood, shown resting on his bow, nice shot, signed in black marker. £22 JK
RICHARD TODD bw11x8 Dambusters still, in the cockpit, back to camera, heading for the dam wall, finger on bomb release, signed in black marker. £22 JK
RICHARD TODD bw11x8 DECEASED Dambusters still, in the cockpit, canopy up, one thumb up, signed in black marker. £22 JK
RICHARD TODD bw10x8 still from The Dambusters showing a group looking at a model of the dams. Signed in blue marker. £22 JK
RICHARD TODD Signed Card Bristish actor £12 RT
RICHARD TODD 1 in stock, album page, one crease through bottom of the R. Dambusters fame as Guy Gibson £10 JK
RICHARD TODD 2 in stock, album pages £8 JK
RICKY TOMLINSON signed on the front of a film promo leaflet which opens out for Once Upon A Time In The Midlands, in black marker and has added ‘my arse’ £5 JK
ROBBIE VINCENT Enoch on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
ROBBY VINCENT bw5.5×3.5 played Enoch in films of the 1940s and appeared in Happidrome, full length shot, clear signature £8 JK
ROBERT DUVALL bw10x8 Still from Tender Mercies with Tess Harper, both shown waist upward holding each other, black marker signature £16 JK
ROBERT DUVALL bw10x8 still from Tender Mercies in a vegetable patch talking to Tess Harper, black marker signature £16 JK
ROBERT DUVALL c14x11 front of house still for Phenomenon showing him with travolta, signed in black marker £24 JK
ROBERT GOULET c10x8 Deceased. Head & shoulders in black tie of the Canadian actor/singer £8 JK
ROBERT LOGGIA DECEASED bw10x8 still from Innocent Blood as a vampire threatening his lawyer, signed in silver marker. £14 JK
ROBERT LOGGIA DECEASED bw10x8d portrait shot seated with hands clasped, signed in bold silver marker £12 JK
ROBERT LOGGIA DECEASED c15x10m head & shoulders, many films, Independance Day, Jagged Edge £18 JK
ROBERT LOGGIA DECEASED bw10x8 still from Innocent Blood showing him as a vampire with Frannie holding a knofe at him. £14 JK
ROBERT LOGGIA DECEASED 1 in stock on card £5 JK
ROBERT MITCHUM 7×5, H/S, B/W Famous actor, has been dedicated. £11 RT
ROBERT POWELL PANTO, PETER PAN, flyer signed in marker £3 JK
ROBERT REDFORD bw10x8 a double image still from The Sting, showing him and Newman seperatly, signed in blue marker but has feathered £18 JK
ROBERT REDFORD bw10x8 film still seated at a table, big smile, signed in blue marker over dark area £18 JK
ROBERT STACK & ELKE SOMMER bw10x8 film still in a casino, both signed in black marker £33 JK
ROBERTSON HARE & OWEN NARES Nares has signed on the reverse 1 in stock £20 JK
ROBIN ASKWITH bw5.5×3.5 head & shoulders looking to camera, signed in bottom margin. Appeared in the Confessions films. £5 JK
ROBIN ASKWITH 3 in stock, on card £5 JK
ROD TAYLOR bw15x10m DECEASED shown bare chested, hair ruffled, signed in black. Hitchcocks The Birds, The Time Machine £22 JK
ROGER MOORE 10×8, F/L, COL Shown as James Bond. Shown with gun in a shooting stance £45 RT
ROLF HARRIS & JUNE WHITFIELD PANTO, CINDERELLA both signed in black marker on flyer £8 JK
RON COOK c10x8 A still from the Thunderbirds film showing him as Parker opening the door of FAB 1 for Lady P. Signed in black and dedicated to K. £15 JK
RON COOK c6x4 pictured are Parker and Lady P from Thunderbirds, Ron is the Thunderbirds movie Parker, signed in black. £6 JK
RON MOODY DECEASED bw5.5×3.5d chest upward as himself in suit £6 JK
RON MOODY DECEASED bw10x8 close up of face against a black background, signed in blue pen, 1980s shot £16 JK
RON MOODY DECEASED 1 in stock dedicated, on card Oliver! Fagin £6 JK
RORY BREMNER THEATRE, LIVE ON STAGE, flyer signed in silver on black £2 JK
RYAN O’NEAL bw10x8d a caricature of him and Barbra Streisand in boxing gear. This is a promo for the film The Main Event £14 JK
RYAN O`NEAL 3 in stock on card £8 JK
SAM HENNINGS bw10x8d US actor,head & shoulders turne d to camera,numerous films and TV back to the 80s. Signed in marker. £14 JK
SAM WATERSTON 2 in stock on card £7 JK
SEBASTIEN FOUCAN c11x8 close up of face in character, Mollaka, from Casino Royale, James Bond. Signed in black marker with his and character name. A litle indentation on this thin photo paper. £14 JK
SHADOW PANTO, ALADDIN, ex Gladiator on a flyer £2 JK
SIMON CALLOW 1 in stock, on card £5 JK
SIMON PEGG bw10x8 head & shoulders close up of face, signed in black marker. Shaun Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, £16 JK
SIMON WARD 7×5, H/L, COL Nice portrait shot of Ward £4 RT
SPIDERMAN c9x7.5 a 6×4 postcard promo from the movie mounted with a strip of 35mm negative from the trailer. This is NOT a signed item £12 JK
STACY KEACH bw10x8 3 images on the photo, him and two female characters from The Killer Inside me, signed in black marker £14 JK
STACY KEACH bw10x8d still from The Killer Inside Me showing him and the sheriff, signed in black marker £12 JK
STAINLESS STEPHEN 1 in stock, album page £12 JK
STANLEY HOLLOWAY bw15x10m close up of craggy face on a film still, signature dates fom 1930/40s £38 JK
STEPHEN DILLANE c6x4 close up of face probably in character with sideburns. Thin pen signature. Spy game, The Hours, John Adams £5 JK
STEVE GUTTENBERG PANTO CINDERELLA, flyer signed in black marker by the Police Academy star £5 JK
STEVE MARCUS bw5x4d laser copy, chest upward, starred in Lock Stock, signed in black pen £3 JK
STEVE MARCUS 1 in stock on card £5 JK
STEVE MARTIN 10×8, F/L, B/W Promotional still from Sgt Bilko £25 RT
STEWART GRAINGER Signed Card Great actor, has been dedicated. £17 RT
TERRY THOMAS Lovely signed card with crest. Thomas was a distinctive English comic actor. He was famous for his portrayal of the upper classes. £90 RT
THOMAS WHEATLEY 1 in stock £9 JK
THUNDERBIRDS c12x12m showing Andrew Dawson & Gavin Robertson wearing Thunderbirds on their head from the stage play. Signed on seperate cards. Unusual item for a Thunderbirds collector £18 JK
TIM FLAVIN 3 in stock on card £3 JK
TODD CARTY PANTO, CINDERELLA, flyer autograph in blue pen, ex Eastenders, The Bill £3 JK
TOM BROOKE 1 in stock, on paper, Bridget Jones film. £4 JK
TOM CONTI bw5.5×3.5 chest upward casual shot signed in black in bottom margin £5 JK
TOM CONTI bw5.5×3.5 close up of face, hand up to chin, black marker signature £5 JK
TOM COURTENAY bw10x8 chest upward from the film The Dresser, dedicated to KG in blue pen £14 JK
TOM COURTENAY bw5.5×3.5 chest upward image signed in bottom margin £5 JK
TOM COURTENEY 2 in stock £5 JK
TOM SELLECK c10x8d in character, western type dress with musket rifle on a sailing ship, signed in blue marker £12 JK
TOM WALLS on paper 1 in stock £8 JK
TOMMY TRINDER bw5x4 close up of face, not a quality picture but clear signature. Vintage British comedy £12 JK
TONY MARTIN c14x11m born 1912, casual shot waist upward. sang in films 1930s to 1950s. Ziegfield Girl, Till the Clouds Roll By £18 JK
TREVOR EVANS bw5.5×3.5d inset chest upwards picture, signed in fountain pen to Winnefred £5 JK
TRICIA DEIGHTON and VINCENTE OSBORNE on a page taken from a panto programme 1970. Both images shown with text on career so far. Tricia has appeared in many national musicals whilst Vincent appeared in brideshead revisited and the film Sandra and Louise plus others £5 JK
VAL KILMER c12x8 in character from Alexander, signed in black marker, item has a green hue. Top Gun £16 JK
VALERIE LEON & ANTON PHILLIPS c13x8m both shown seated, her in skimpy dress. Two seperate signatures £12 JK
VICTOR MATURE c15x10m as Samson pushing the temple pillars apart. Signed in pen on a yellow album page 1980s in the UK. £68 JK
VICTOR SPINETTI bw8x6d posed shot in light suit, one hand upto chin, signed in blue pen £7 JK
VICTOR SPINNETTI 3 in stock on card £5 JK
VINCENT PRICE 6×4, H/L, B/W Nice portrait shot of Price £19RT
WARREN STEVENS bw10x8 Starred in ‘The Forbidden Planet’. Current head & shoulders portrait £14 JK
WARWICK DAVIES 2 in stock on card, Wicket in Star Wars, Willow, Harry Potter £5 JK
WEE GEORGIE WOOD bw3.75×2.5 chest upward pleasant portrait, signed in bottom margin £12 JK
WEE GEORGIE WOOD 1 in stock £7 JK
WILLIAM FRANKLYN THEATRE DEATHTRAP flyer signed in black marker and dedicated. sadly now deceased £4 JK
WILLIAM H MACY c15x10m head & shoulders in suit, signed in gold marker on white card £17 JK