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Rochelle Humes, Meet her in Manchester

Meet Rochelle Humes at W H Smith Trafford Centre Thursday 21st February from 11am. She will be signing copies of her first picture book The Mega Magic Hair Swap.
Rochelle is one of the UK’s latest broadcasters. She is co-host of favourite Ninja Warrior which returns for season 5 in 2020. The former singer, with The Saturdays, has been a appeared on Lorraine and co-hosted The Xtra Factor in 2016. Other TV include Sweat The Small Stuff and The Next Great Magician. Her new show Back to Mine is now on ITV1 and also has a radio show on Heart FM.2019 is set to be the most successful yet. Rochelle’s children’s book is out in February as well as other exciting extensions to her already impressive resume. She is married to presenter and singer Marvin Humes and they have two daughters. In November, Rochelle and Marvin will return to Children In Need as presenters. Rochelle and Marvin have just announced their big new show, Playlisters for 2019 on BBC1

darth vader

Dave Prowse ie Darth Vader Quits Public Appearances

Dave Prowse, who was Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, is calling time on public appearances.

A statement on his social media said he would “no longer be doing any personal appearances or conventions due to health problems” from January 2018 onwards.

Dave Prowse was the man under Darth Vader’s helmet in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

He also dressed as the Green Cross Code man for television road safety commercials.

He was born in Bristol in 1935, became a successful bodybuilder and weightlifter before being signed to his legendary Star Wars character.

He was a regular fixture on the convention circuit since Jedi’s release in 1983, announcing last year with regret that he would no longer attend international events.

It was in 2014 he announced that he had dementia, although this did not stop him from taking part in the 2015 documentary I Am Your Father, or recently appearing in a video for singer Jayce Lewis.

z nation

TVs Z Nation to end with Season 5

  • Z Nations fifth season finale will now be a series finale: Syfy channel is finishing the long-running zombie saga. The news was first announced by producer David Michael Latt.

He said that they are stopping at Season 5, said it was very sad, but were also really grateful with the opportunities that they had on the story.

He said though that was not the end but just the beginning of a lot of things, including the Netflix prequel series Black Summer  which obtained an eight-episode order back in July. The series stars Hart of Dixie Jaime King as a mother who, having been torn from her daughter, embarks upon a dangerous journey to find her. Alongside a group of American refugees, King’s character must survive a hostile new world and make harshdecisions in the middle of a zombie apocalypse’s deadliest summer, this according to the official logline.

Z Nation‘s cancellation caps its run at 68 episodes.


Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Puts Guitars up for Auction

David Gilmour Puts Guitars up for Auction

Dave Gilmour, guitarist and singer with Pink Floyd has announced that he will display, then auction over 120 guitars from his personal collection later this year.

The focus on the former Pink Floyd vocalist and guitarist’s items will be on his Fender models, including Telecasters, Broadcasters, Stratocasters and Esquires.

Among the instruments up for grabs will be his 1969 Black Strat which he played on albums including The Dark Side Of The Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. Estimates say $100,000-$150,000 but could end up at any price.

David G says: “These guitars have been very good to me and many of them have gifted me pieces of music over the years. They have paid for themselves many times over, but it’s now time that they moved on. 

Also saying “Guitars were made to be played and it is my wish that wherever they end up, they continue to give their owners the gift of music.”

All revenue from the sale of the instruments will go towards charitable causes. Estimates for the items start from $300.

The instruments will be displayed at Christie’s in London, from March 27-31, where fans will be able to see the full collection and ogle at the history behind them.

A certain number of them will then move to LA on May 7-11, which will then be followed by sale preview in New York before the auction which will take place between June 14-19

british comedy

June Whitfield Deceased, A short Biography of Career

Her big break was a lead in theBBC programme radio comedy Take It From Here which started in 1953. TV roles quickly followed, including appearances with Tony Hancock all the way through his television career. In 1966, June played the leading role in the television situation comedy Beggar My Neighbour which had a run of three series. She also had parts in 4 Carry On movies, these being films: Carry On Nurse 1959, Carry On Abroad1972, Carry On Girls 1973 and Carry On Columbus 1992.

In 1968, June and comedian Terry Scott began a long television collaberation, which peaked with their roles being husband and wife in Happy Ever After 1974–79, and Terry and June 1979–87. Then in 1992, June played Edina Monsoon’s mother in Absolutely Fabulous (AbFab) She also had a regular character in Last of The Summer Wine and a recurring character in The Green Green Grass, which was a spinoff from Only Fools and Horses.

During 1993 to 2001, June acted as Miss Marple in all twelve Agatha Christie Miss Marple novels on Radio by the BBC.

star wars

Star Wars Episode IX, Some Information

Star Wars Episode IX is one of the most eagerly awaited movies in history, with the upcoming film set to top off the Skywalker saga after decades of onscreen adventures.

However, we still know little about what to expect from The Last Jedi’s sequel, which is being kept under wraps ahead of the beginning of filming in the summer.

The next episode of the Star Wars series will be released in UK cinemas on 19th December 2019, returning to the modern films’ traditional Christmas outing.

Star Wars Episode IX will be brought to the screen by JJ Abrams, who steered The Force Awakens in 2015 and successfully brought the franchise back to the fans.

Since Abrams took over, he has supposedly rejected the first script and written a new one with Chris Terrio, known for his work on Argo, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran, Domnhall Gleeson and Lupita Nyong’o are all confirmed to return for movie, with Joonas Suotomo (Chewbacca) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) in tow. Richard E Grant will also make an appearance

Big news among the returning cast is the inclusion of Carrie Fisher whose character General Organa will play a role in Episode IX due to previously unused footage for The Force Awakens. The late actress will appear in the film alongside Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams, who was long rumoured to be reprising his role as Lando Calrissian.


Join a Worldwide Autograph Club

The Universal Autograph Collector’s Club, is a non-profit organization based in the USA and is dedicated to the education of the autograph collector. It began in 1965 by a Long Island group of collectors, and the UACC has grown and developed into one of the most revered collector’s organizations in the world. Their website shows the UACC’s commitment to educating the autograph collector as well as introducing the hobby to those who may have an interest in collecting signatures. UACC members not only enjoy the fellowship of other collectors, but can share their collecting experiences in the club’s official award winning publication “The Pen and Quill”, which each member receives four times a year by post worldwide. Joining the UACC is easy, just click the Membership link on their website and you are on your way to joining like minded collectors.

The UACC is a non-profit Educational Club which assists the autograph collector with their collecting needs. We hope if you join and become a member of the organization you will realize the fun of being a curator of history.


Soap Autographs and How to Obtain Them


Whether you want Coronation Street actors, Eastenders actors, even Neighbours the process is quite simple.

Firstly, type or write a short letter, they dont want essays, just say how much you enjoy the show, their character etc.
Secondly, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope to make it easy for them to send you an autograph. Please note that Eastenders don’t require you to stamp the return envelope so that reduces your cost.
If you want them to dedicate it to you please ask them and clearly spell your name but not all actors will do this.

Send your envelope to the studios, the addresses are online and easily found.
You may get replies in a few days, weeks or even months, and occasionally some take over a year.

Its exactly the same with Neighbours, but you have to post to Australia and make sure you somehow stamp the return envelope or arrange to pay them postage.

All actors get hundreds of requests per month so make it as easy as possible for them to respond and no charge to them for envelopes, stamps, etc.

The items that are signed for you will most likely be promotional photos in character, some will also add their character name to the signature. If they are only in the show a few weeks its most likely you will just receive a portrait shot of them. Also by the time you see them on screen they may have finished filming several weeks previous.

If you live in close proximity of any of the studios you can hand around and see who turns up, but make sure you have something for them to sign.

Good luck and check out our Soaps Autograph page for any you are finding it difficult to get hold of. Signed photos and signatures on plain card available.

Autograph Storage Solutions for Preservation

Autograph Storage Solutions for Preservation and Maintaining its value

After obtaining an autograph let the ink dry, you would be surprised how many people immediately touch the wet signature they have just acquired, totally ruining it.

For autograph storage:
Protect it from UV rays. Most collectibles cannot be left in the sun, even in the house, especially autographs. The UV rays that the sun emits will fade and discolour most marker pen signatures.
You will want to display your autograph on the walls of your home, as anybody would, the answer is to buy a UV protective display case. It’s worth spending a more money to protect an autograph that could be worth a small fortune in years to come.
If you live in a humid climate, the signature is likely to fade or run. The same said with heat, so avoid anywhere that is too hot. The rule is – if it’s too hot for you, your autograph may deteriorate.

Protecting autographs on fabric for autograph storage
An autographed piece of clothing can be a very special item for you, ie signed football shirts, but autographs on material are also some of the most difficult to preserve. The solution is for keeping fabric autographs intact is heat – and lots of it, this is totally opposite for autographed photos. You will want to set your iron, yes iron! to the cotton setting and make sure that there is NO STEAM. Press the iron on to the autographed area, but avoid sliding it across as you normally would a work shirt or tee-shirt. Then place your item into the tumble dryer and select a hot setting, let it run for around 15 minutes. Some autograph collectors choose to use clear fabric paint, but this isn’t favourable, as it often ruins the integrity of the fabric.

fake autographs

Fake and Forged Autographs Spotting.

Fake and Forged Autographs Spotting, Its not too Difficult to Spot

Fake autographs are often mechanically reproduced. Run your finger nail over the signature on a photo, If the writing feels flat against the surface, it could be a facsimile. You need to feel the texture of the ink on top of the photograph to know it has been added afterwards.
But the signature itself could still be a fake. signatures can be printed on top of photos, so it’s important to feel the outline with your finger.

It can be almost impossible to detect fake autographs on fabric like baseball caps and sports shirts by touch because the material soaks up the ink without leaving a raised layer. But there are visible clues.

When a signature is rubber stamped on a photo, all the ink is applied at the same time and squeezed out to the edges of the stamp. It leaves a sort of tramline, so when magnified you can see more ink on the edges of the lines than in the centre.

With signatures printed by machine, the giveaway is that all the ink is applied at the same time, resulting in a smooth effect. But if a name is signed by hand with a pen, the nib will cut through wet ink, creating bridges and tunnels visible under a magnifying glass.

Autographs can also be duplicated with an autopen machine which uses a pen to replicate handwriting. A plastic or metal “matrix” of the signature is made from the template of an autograph. This matrix is loaded into the machine and the mechanical moving arm exactly traces the writing. Presidents, Royalty and superstars depend on autopen machines to get through fan fail and Christmas cards. Under the eye, even the autopen can be detected.
When writing your own name, you put your pen to the paper and start writing in one continuous sweep. The pen is usually moving before you start writing. But the autopen comes down with a dot and comes off abruptly with another dot which you can see when magnified. Also when it changes to the opposite direction it stops for a brief moment also leaving a mark similar to a full stop ot dot.