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Elvis Presley, The Most Faked Autograph Of All Time

Elvis Presley and The Beatles have again topped a list of the most-forged signatures for a second time.

Authentication service PSA/DNA said under half of their autographs were  genuine.

Fake signatures by American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who  rarely signed for fans, rose significantly, put him third.

Former US President John F Kennedy and Michael Jackson were also on this list.

Joe Orlando, president of Newport Beach-based PSA/DNA which compiles the list every other year, said that Armstrong, the first man on the moon, knew the value of his own signature.

More Fakes
Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment and music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions  said: “A lot of times people stumble on old signed photographs in grandparents lofts and don’t know they’re forged.”

She also said it was common for children to write to the film studios  50 years ago, so more fake signatures are in the marketplace as a result of secretarial and assistants replying to fan mail instead of the actors themselves.

Official documents and contracts are used as reliable sources to ascertain whether an autograph is genuine or fake and its value can vary, down to the smallest of details including which way the letters slope and content.

Beatles signatures , particularly  all four, are somewhat rare. However, autographs from their early years are more common, and therefore less desirable.


Autograph Collecting Secrets Book, Tools and Tactics

Autograph Collecting Secrets

Autograph collecting can be a fun and rewarding hobby you can do from any country around the globe.  But how do you increase the chances that your piece of memorabilia, trading card or photograph not only gets to the celebrity  but is returned back to you fully signed?  The answer is in this book. Collectors of all experience levels will find many new and useful tips and tricks on obtaining autographs in-person and via the mail, with concrete examples from years of personal experience. From writing the perfect letter request to your favourite celebrity to the best places to stand at a stadium or any venue, Autograph Collecting Secrets is a definitive resource for the hobbyist.

Obtaining Strictly Come Dancing Autographs For Your Self

These extracts are taken from a forum and not necessarily our opinion but may contain some useful information in obtaining the autographs you require for your collection.


Am wanting to get autographs of the pros on Strictly Come Dancing for a family member, can anyone tell me where would be the best place to contact…would it be the Studio or is there a BBC department?

REPLY – I’m not sure but if you’re on twitter you could try asking the BBCStrictly twitter account…

I don’t know if they’ll be able to help you but they might have some advice.

REPLY – I think I’m right in saying that some of the pro dancers sell signed photos on their websites and some give you details of their agent / management meant to write in.

REPLY – you can get autographs from most of the pros via their websites but I think most of them charge for them nowadays – just google their names and you should be able to find the websites

I doubt the BBC will help you – they dont seem to be very helpful in that regard

REPLY – That is outrageous, a SAE would probably be polite but certainly no more. I hope no one has actually paid?

REPLY – Try sending a letter to each of the celebs c/o Elstree Studios

REPLY – A lot of celebrities charge now. Think you can probably blame eBay.

REPLY – If you send a picture or something for them to sign and a SAE some will still sign and return but autographs have become big business.

the swan

Celebrity Spotting in London, The 10 Best Places

London is the world’s capital of theatre, music and the arts, and has the world’s highest concentration of celebrity residents outside Los Angeles.

THE SWANN.  Attached to Shakespeare’s Globe, The Swan is a somewhat pricey restaurant bar that is in a great location on the South Bank. Notable personalities encountered in The Swan include Mark Rylance, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry, Jude Law and Derren Brown.

THE IVY.  The Ivy is a virtual who’s who of names in London, and tends to be the go-to place for high-power meetings between agents and clients.   It’s your best chance to run into a celebrity.

JOE ALLAN’S.   Covent Garden, Joe Allen’s is an American franchise come to London with a sizeable helping of style whisked in with friendliness and relaxation. Generally speaking, like with The Swan, the best time to go is post-theatre (i.e. after 10pm) as that’s when actors and musicians from the surrounding Theatreland productions all go for a spot of dinner with their celebrity pals.

THE GREEN ROOM.  On the plus side, you’re extremely likely to meet a celebrity if you go in on a Friday or Saturday night. On the down side, you have to work for the National Theatre to be able to go there. Celebrities seen in the Green Room include Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, Russell Brand, Imelda Staunton and Lenny Henry.

MARGARET STREET.  This isn’t a venue, it’s not the most exciting place in London. What is on Margaret Street, which is an Oxford Circus backstreet, is the central hub of London’s biggest acting agencies where many actors go.

THE PIT BAR. This is at the Old Vic.  The Pit Bar is a popular venue with theatregoers and non-theatre-goers alike, with music sessions on Friday nights. You’re in with a good chance of seeing a few medium to big names on a night out here as it’s both a good theatre bar and a good club in its own right.

Good Luck!


Ariana Grande, Who is She? A Quick Biography

Ariana Grande, Who is She? A Quick Biography to put you in the picture.

Ariana Grande is a sitcom-star-turned-pop music sensation, known for such hit songs as ‘Problem,’ ‘Bang Bang,’ ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘Thank U, Next.’

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton in  Florida  in 1993 and started performing onstage when she was a little. Her involvement in a Broadway play when 15, followed by some small TV parts, helped her land the role of Cat on TV’s Victorious and  followed that with the spin-off Sam & Cat and then dived headfirst into a chart-topping musical career, releasing five albums: Yours Truly (2013), My Everything (2014), Dangerous Woman (2016), Sweetener(2018) and Thank U, Next (2019). Her popularity reflected by a strong media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In April 2019 she demonstrated her popularity by becoming the youngest performer to headline Coachella, as well as being the fourth woman to earn the honor.

Among her many accolades, she has been nominated for 6 Grammy Awards, won 3 American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year in 2016, and 2 MTV Video Music Awards.

In August 2019 it was revealed that Grande would appear in season 2 of Jim Carrey‘s Showtime series Kidding.

In addition to her musical and acting career, Ariana has launched two fragrances “Ari by Ariana Grande” and “Frankie by Ariana Grande” with her brother Frankie Grande.


Pre-Printed and Rubber Stamped Signatures

Pre-Printed and Rubber Stamped Signatures to collect

Plenty of letters from Presidents, statesmen, and entertainment celebrities are not signed at all.  They may have been signed with a rubber stamp, or be on pre-printed stationery.  Your ability to spot these letters can save you time and money.

Rubber stamp signatures are used a lot today and were even used in the mid 1800’s.  The most well known rubber stamp is that of American President Andrew Johnson.  It is usually  found on military appointments ‘signed’ as President.  Many also contain the rubber stamp signature of Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War.  Governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson used a rubber stamp signature many times.  Bing Crosby used a stamp that secretaries used to sign “Bing” on many letters to fans.

Some rubber stamp signatures are quite smart and difficult to detect, unless you know what to look for.

Look closely at the ink intensity.  Stamped signatures usually have a uniform tone, but they may become evenly lighter or darker from one end to the other.  This is due to the way the stamp is pressed down.  A “Ghost image” can also be detected.  The “Ghost” is a second stamp, usually very lightly pressed on to the paper.  It is caused by a shake or shift of the stamp while the impression is being made.

In addition to rubber stamps, several Presidents including Truman, Coolidge, and Harding used pre-printed stationery with the words; “The White House / Washington” on the top and their signature at the bottom.  Thousands of these pre-printed stationery items were used to respond to inquiries, letters of support and complaints.  A secretary would type a response between the heading and the signature, and with a little practice, could make it look like the real  mccoy.  Several clues will make this type of non-genuine letter easy to spot. The ink colour of the heading and signature are identical because the signature and heading were usually printed in one pass on the printing press.  Ink voids in the signature and the heading, may be apparent, because the process used to print this stock, was of lower quality than usual.  The body of the letter may appear cramped and full, because it needed to be ‘squeezed’ into the limited available area.


neil armstrong

Neil Armstrong and His Autograph, First Man on the Moon

Neil Armstrong and His Autograph, First Man on the Moon with Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong is probably one of the most desirable autographs of any 20th century person. Although many autograph dealers will tell you his autograph is rare, this is not strictly true. Neil Armstrong signed autographs in abundance for over 30 years both in the mail and in person.  At the height of his popularity in the 70s, it is suggested he received many hundreds of autograph requests every week and signed them all but only one for each request. It is estimated there are thousands of Armstrong autographs in circulation today.

Why is his autograph so expensive then?   The answer is easy. Even though there are so many in circulation, demand is still very high.   Neil Armstrong is a major global figure and with that comes global demand. Interest in Neil Armstrong’s autograph extends beyond just space memorabilia collectors as it  crosses in to historical and general autograph collectors worldwide. There are very few figures who enjoy global demand  across cultures, language and borders.   Neil Armstrong is among those few who do.