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Susanna Reid Staggered By The Value Of Her Autograph.

Susanna Reid has been disheartened to find out fans have failed to sell autographs she has signed as they have not even reached £1 when sold online.

The 49-year-old Good Morning host has become a household name after more than 20 years reading the news.

Whilst her face might be recognisable, her name is worth only pennies as she discovered the embarrassingly low price her signed photos sell for online.

Susanna Reid decided to do some research about herself after discovering some stars – such as The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley – have been making good cash in lockdown by selling personalised videos of themselves to fans via Cameo website.

Writing in the Daily Mail, she explained that “James Buckley, has raked in £100,000.

James points out that TV personalities can get hundreds of requests for personalised messages that they would normally ignore and not take any notice of.

Susanna then decided to check how much she is worth herself.

She said that she wouldn’t charge for a video or indeed an autograph, even though collectors sell them on auction sites.

She looked up how much a signed photo of herself goes for: 99p.


tipping point

Tipping Point Game Show: Some Facts.

The image shows behind the machine

Filming a full series of Tipping Point happens in a three-month block,  with episodes usually filmed from Monday to Wednesday.

Host Ben Shephard bases himself in Bristol for the three days, before zooming back to London to present Good Morning Britain on
Thursdays and Fridays, and hosting Sky Sport  at the weekends.

Up to four shows are filmed each day.

Ben will change his suit between each recording so making it look as if  the episodes are been filmed on seperate days.

The celebrity editions are filmed at the end of each filming block.

For celebrity shows seating is erected in the studio.

To start with, 80 counters are placed on the top shelf of the machine, and 80 on the bottom.

They are placed rather than dropped, and are not arranged into any order.

There is a studio hand that comes onto the set to count the number of coins that fall

into the collection bin so that Ben can inform the contestants how much money they dropped over The Tipping Point.

The studio hand also comes onto the set to clear the dropped counters after each round.

The metal counters are individually polished before each show so that no fingerprints or marks appear on camera.

Ben Shephard can’t  believe the show has reached 1,000 episodes, as he wasn’t convinced it would catch on.


elvis impersonators

Elvis Presley, The Most Faked Autograph Of All Time

Elvis Presley and The Beatles have again topped a list of the most-forged signatures for a second time.

Authentication service PSA/DNA said under half of their autographs were  genuine.

Fake signatures by American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who  rarely signed for fans, rose significantly, put him third.

Former US President John F Kennedy and Michael Jackson were also on this list.

Joe Orlando, president of Newport Beach-based PSA/DNA which compiles the list every other year, said that Armstrong, the first man on the moon, knew the value of his own signature.

More Fakes
Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment and music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions  said: “A lot of times people stumble on old signed photographs in grandparents lofts and don’t know they’re forged.”

She also said it was common for children to write to the film studios  50 years ago, so more fake signatures are in the marketplace as a result of secretarial and assistants replying to fan mail instead of the actors themselves.

Official documents and contracts are used as reliable sources to ascertain whether an autograph is genuine or fake and its value can vary, down to the smallest of details including which way the letters slope and content.

Beatles signatures , particularly  all four, are somewhat rare. However, autographs from their early years are more common, and therefore less desirable.


american horror story

American Horror Story, 10 Seasons Behind It. Success!

American Horror Storyi s a US horror-drama TV show created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It is an anthology, with each season taking place in a different setting. The series is broadcast on FX Networks and first premiered on October 5, 2011. The Pilot show got the best ratings FX had ever had for a series premiere and its popularity  rose with the second season premiere marking the show’s highest numbers at the time.[The pilot episode of its fourth installment, Freak Show, broke FX records when it brought in approx. 12.64 million views. The show has received positive reviews from critics and also fans. It has received several nominations for Prime time Emmy Awards under the miniseries category.

The show has received very varied responses, verging from the enthusiastic to complete rejection from critics. Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly gave it a score of B+ , Chuck Barney of the San Jose Mercury News said “Most TV shows, after all, quickly fade from memory. This one will haunt your dreams.” But, some critics, such as Alan Sepinwall, feel that the show just has scenes and sounds that people will want to forget. Some critics gave mixed reviews, such as Mary McNamara of The Los Angeles Times who said “Because even with all the zombies and vampires, there is always room for a good “American Horror Story”. The first season scored a 62 out of 100 from the review site Metacritic  from 30 reviews by critics.

BUT check it out for yourself, everybody has different tastes, 10 series, cant be all bad.

z nation

Z NATION – Pick TV Sets UK Premiere Date For Season 5

Z NATION – Pick TV Sets UK Premiere Date For Season 5 and its the Final One.

The fifth and final season of Syfy’s zombie apocolyptic drama Z Nation will have its UK premiere on the Sky channel Pick TV on Tuesday October 9th at 10pm, 2020 it has been announced.

The Z Nation series follows a group of everyday heroes during their major struggle to save the world following a zombie apocalypse. The drama series, created by former Syfy exec Craig Engler and Karl Schaefer, is produced by Sharknado indie The Asylum and stars DJ Qualls (Supernatural), Kellita Smith (The Bernie Mac Show), Anastasia Baranova (The Darkness II), Russell Hodgkinson (Big Fish), Keith Allan (Rise of the Zombies), Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy), Matt Cedeño (Devious Maids), Nat Zang and Joseph Gatt.

The  group embarks on a dangerous USA cross-country mission to take the one man who survived a deadly zombie virus, hoping he holds the key to a vaccine.

sliced tv show

“Sliced” is Coming Back To Our TVs on Dave Channel

“Sliced” is Coming Back To Our TVs on Dave.

UKTV announces today that Sliced is returning to Dave for another 6 episodes.  Sliced is co-written by its BAFTA-nominated star Samson Kayo  who plays Joshua, a down-on-his-luck pizza delivery driver in London.

The first three episodes reached over 1.7million viewer and was written by Samson Kayo and Phil Bowker and produced by Lovely Electricity. It is commissioned for UKTV by Pete Thornton, head of scripted, and ordered by Richard Watsham, director of commissioning, Luke Hales, Dave channel director, and Steve North, genre general manager, comedy and entertainment.

Sliced will be on our TV screens on Dave later this year.

Some media comments:

  • “Sweary, sweet and genuinely funny” – The Sun TV Mag
  • “Charming” – says The Guardian
  • “Scabrous, filthy, but funny” – reported the Daily Mail
  • “Officially our new favourite show … Dave’s best sitcom yet” – as written by Digital Spy
  • “Extremely relatable” – commented the Daily Mirror


TV Soaps and Coronavirus, Less Episodes Being Screened

It’s taken our sports, it’s taken movies, our freedom. Coronavirus is also trying to take our soaps.

As Covid-19 wages war on life as we know it, we all need all the  entertainment we can get, as people remain at home to curb the spread of the virus.

And while Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks have had their schedules cut, they  have not been cancelled altogether.

Eastenders.  Filming of has been suspended due to the pandemic, and it will only be on BBC twice a week instead of the usual four times for the foreseeable future.

Coronation Street is also having its number of airings cut from five per week to three.


Emmerdale.   ITV had initially confirmed that Emmerdale would continue every weekday at 7pm but alas the schedule has now changed.It will air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. Coronation Street will follow at 7.30pm on

Hollyoaks  Despite initially vowing to continue, Channel 4 has made the decision to hold filming. As a result, the number of weekly episodes will be cut from five to three.

Coronavirus: Huge Loss of Jobs in the Film Industry

About 120,000 film industry workers have  lost their jobs in Hollywood as a result of Covid 19

The film and TV industry around the globe has experienced an almost total stop of activity, with thousands of largely freelance crew laid off at short notice with little or no financial recompense. Hundreds of productions from studio shoots such as the Avatar sequels and Fantastic Beasts 3  to independantproductions have been halted.

In the UK, the situation for “below the line” crew appears equally catastrophic. The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union) estimates almost 50,000 industry freelancers will have lost their jobs as a result of the virus. The union’s head, Philippa Childs, commented: “almost all film and TV production has ground to a halt in the UK … The country’s world-class film and TV sector is at risk of a whole generation of talent being financially ruined by this crisis.”

Directors UK, the trade guild representing British screen directors, sent a letter to chancellor Rishi Sunak calling for further measures to support freelance and self-employed film industry employees. Directors UK CEO Andrew Chowns wrote: “There is now a critical need for similar  support measures to be introduced for self-employed workers who are anxious, not just about losing their current work, but at the thought of facing months without income as productions are suspended longer term and, for some smaller productions, indefinitely.”

The People vs O J Simpson Serial on Netflix – Superb

The Accused

O J Simpson made his mark with athletics while playing running back for the University of Southern California, winning the Heisman Trophy in 1968. O.J. — also known as “Juice” — was signed by the Buffalo Bills, where he played for nine years before being sold to the San Francisco 49ers. After retiring from the NFL in 1979, he also made a success with small acting roles and celebrity friends. In 1994, it was reported that he attended Donald Trump’s wedding to Marla Maples.

The Victims

Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J., who were 12 years apart, met in 1977 and married in 1985. The years they were married were splattered with domestic violence accusations and spousal abuse claims from Brown Simpson against him.

Nicole and Ronald Goldman—a waiter at a nearby restaurant, who was reportedly bringing her a pair of glasses she’d left —were found dead on June 12, 1994.

A great series that delves deep into the trial and the lengths the defence and prosecution go to in order to find him not guilty or guilty.

Feelyvision Could be On Its Way To Your Home TV Soon

Feelyvision may be the next stage in television’s  evolution? British scientists are now developing technology that will allow viewers to taste, smell and touch the sensations being played out on our screen.

Researchers at the University of Sussex are exploring ways which will let viewers sense raindrops on them or wind blowing across their face, using ultrasound beams and air flows to heighten the sensory impact of scenes they are watching on their box.

This tactile TV will help TV companies create programmes that capture the audience’s full gaze and immerse them in a multisensory world, according to Dr Marianna Obrist, Reader in Interaction Design at Sussex, whose Computer Human Interaction lab is leading the research.

The team is working with Ultrahaptics, a Bristol start-up company who has developed technology that uses ultrasound to enable users to receive tactile feedback projected on to their uncovered hands, without needing to wear specialised gloves.

The technology uses ultrasound to send sensations through the air directly onto the TV watcher pinpointing areas of the hand that would best be stimulated to evoke different emotions.