Are Selfies Killing the Hobby of Autograph Hunting?

Sports and movie fans don’t particularly want to get autographs anymore. They now prefer creeping into the lives of the stars via their mobile phones. Is it too early to say that the autograph is dead. Sports memorabilia was once a thriving business which has suffered quite a downturn because of selfies. Selfies posted on twitter, instagram have resulted in a drop of interest in the celebrity signature.

Celebrities Mourn

The Australian cricketer, Shane Warne, has recently tweeted that his fans have lost interest in asking him for him autograph and would now prefer taking selfies with him. “After doing 5 selfies with people this morning before 8am on my morning run / walk I’ve come to the conclusion that the autograph is dead !” he put on twitter.

Everything on the internet stays there forever, selfies can stay forever but a hand written autograph on an item  would need special care to last long, they simply fade and deteriorate over the years . People love taking selfies with celebrities because it’s easy, quick and can be shared with their friends and family in an instant. Moreover, you don’t have to carry a writing stick with you all the time. You can get a selfie with your favourite sports stars anytime you happen to bump into them, providing they say yes of course . All you need is your camera phone, which is always with you.