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tipping point

Tipping Point Game Show: Some Facts.

The image shows behind the machine

Filming a full series of Tipping Point happens in a three-month block,  with episodes usually filmed from Monday to Wednesday.

Host Ben Shephard bases himself in Bristol for the three days, before zooming back to London to present Good Morning Britain on
Thursdays and Fridays, and hosting Sky Sport  at the weekends.

Up to four shows are filmed each day.

Ben will change his suit between each recording so making it look as if  the episodes are been filmed on seperate days.

The celebrity editions are filmed at the end of each filming block.

For celebrity shows seating is erected in the studio.

To start with, 80 counters are placed on the top shelf of the machine, and 80 on the bottom.

They are placed rather than dropped, and are not arranged into any order.

There is a studio hand that comes onto the set to count the number of coins that fall

into the collection bin so that Ben can inform the contestants how much money they dropped over The Tipping Point.

The studio hand also comes onto the set to clear the dropped counters after each round.

The metal counters are individually polished before each show so that no fingerprints or marks appear on camera.

Ben Shephard can’t  believe the show has reached 1,000 episodes, as he wasn’t convinced it would catch on.


elvis impersonators

Elvis Presley, The Most Faked Autograph Of All Time

Elvis Presley and The Beatles have again topped a list of the most-forged signatures for a second time.

Authentication service PSA/DNA said under half of their autographs were  genuine.

Fake signatures by American astronaut Neil Armstrong, who  rarely signed for fans, rose significantly, put him third.

Former US President John F Kennedy and Michael Jackson were also on this list.

Joe Orlando, president of Newport Beach-based PSA/DNA which compiles the list every other year, said that Armstrong, the first man on the moon, knew the value of his own signature.

More Fakes
Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment and music memorabilia at Heritage Auctions  said: “A lot of times people stumble on old signed photographs in grandparents lofts and don’t know they’re forged.”

She also said it was common for children to write to the film studios  50 years ago, so more fake signatures are in the marketplace as a result of secretarial and assistants replying to fan mail instead of the actors themselves.

Official documents and contracts are used as reliable sources to ascertain whether an autograph is genuine or fake and its value can vary, down to the smallest of details including which way the letters slope and content.

Beatles signatures , particularly  all four, are somewhat rare. However, autographs from their early years are more common, and therefore less desirable.