We at GlobalAutographs have dealt in signed memorabilia, autographs and collectibles since 1994. We are based in the UK and our full stock of signatures is listed on this website covering, Star Wars, Star Trek, movies, sci fi, TV inc. soaps, Coronation Street, Eastenders, Love Island, X Files, Strictly Come Dancing, TOWIE, Broadchurch, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, game shows, and more. Sport inc. Olympics, football (many from Manchester United), golf, tennis, athletics, boxing and much more.

We have historical autographs, political autographs, military autographs, fashion and glamour autographs and British Comedy Autographs. Our stock consists of autographed football shirts, autographed photos, autographs on plain card and album pages and other signed collectible memorabilia.

Please ask for scans if you are interested in any items.

Certificates of Authenticity issued on request.

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